2021 tax return: THOUSANDS of Australians warned to review ATO filing after being duped by bogus agent


Thousands of West Australians are contacted by the Tax Practitioners Board after using the services of a dubious tax agent.

In August, the Federal court discovered that Jessa Van Stroe – also known as Jessa Layola – was illegally preparing tax returns during the 2020/2021 tax season.

He ordered her to stop preparing and filing income tax returns.

The ATO says that anyone who has used their services should urgently review their tax returns and ensure that the details provided to the ATO are correct and justified.

Professor Dale Pinto, head of fiscal discipline at Curtin Law School, said the problem was that Van Stroe was not registered with the TPB.

“It is important for anyone who has used the services of unregistered preparers, like Ms. Van Stroe, to review their tax returns,” he said.

“Unregistered preparers do not have the skills or expertise to provide tax advice and by using her services, these taxpayers have no protection against penalties that could be applied for errors that Ms. Van Stroe may have. commit.”

Thousands of Australians are being contacted after being duped by the “wrong” actions of a dubious tax agent. Credit: Getty Images / iStockphoto

The TPB works with the Curtin Tax Clinic to offer tax advice to those affected by Van Stroe.

“CTC is happy to provide free assistance in situations like this as it aims to help unrepresented taxpayers meet or comply with their tax affairs,” said CTC co-founders Annette Morgan and Donovan. Castelyn.

“In turn, the experiential learning opportunities for students working under the supervision of experienced tax professionals in these situations are most valuable.”

TPB chairman Ian Klug AM called Van Stroe’s behavior “reprehensible”.

“It put taxpayers at risk for its own benefit by exposing them to penalties and unpaid taxes that they would be required to reimburse,” he said.

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