A guide to traveling the world as a plus-size person

Milos, GreeceManuel Breva Colmeiro/Getty Images

5. Travel comfortably

It’s always best to avoid jeans or restrictive clothing when traveling, especially on long-haul flights. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car, comfortable clothing is a must. Lightweight t-shirts with leggings (my favorite are the Girlfriend Collective leggings which run up to UK size 30) and unitards worn with an oversized shirt or H&M jumper are your best bet. It will help keep you cool and comfortable during the trip.

6. Be smart when packing your shoes

As someone who has wide and tall feet, I have to be careful when packing shoes because shoes can take up a lot of space in luggage, especially during winter travel. While you’re packing, decide what types of shoes you’ll need and how many outfits you can wear them with. I normally pack a pair of Chelsea boots, a pair of Converse sneakers (not only do they go with ANY outfit, but they’re wide and super comfy), a pair of chunky heels, and two pairs of flat sandals.

7. Express yourself

It’s quite common for tall people to keep quiet or apologize for their bodies when faced with a difficult situation abroad. Instead of talking, we tend to shrink down and do whatever we can to distract from our weight. It’s important to remember that we have as much right to travel as anyone else, and that means standing up for ourselves if we get so uncomfortable.

It’s easier said than done, but anything from asking a tour guide to walk more slowly on a guided tour; asking a flight attendant if you can move to a spare empty seat if you’re uncomfortable, or asking hotel and restaurant staff for larger seats without armrests can make a huge difference to your travel experience. You’ll find that people are nicer than you think, and most will be happy to try to accommodate you where they can.

8. Have fun

No one wants to pay to feel insecure and depressed on vacation, and spending the majority of the time comparing our bodies to others can be incredibly exhausting. When I go to hot destinations and want to go to the beach, I buy swimsuits that give me incredible confidence. Remember that the size of the swimsuit does not matter – what matters is that you feel comfortable and confident. Simply Be offers a wide range of well-fitting plus size swimwear and beachwear in a variety of different styles and designs.

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