Agreement Reached Between Attorney General Nessel and Mackinaw City Hotels Over Alleged Deceptive Practices

A settlement has been reached between Attorney General Dana Nessel and several Mackinaw City hotel and tourism groups after an investigation into business practices related to guest reservations.

Earlier this year, Attorney General Nessel issued a Notice of Intent to Action after consumers complained about booking rooms at hotels that, although advertised as available and reservations ultimately confirmed, been closed without notice to the consumer, according to the Ministry of the Attorney General. . Consumers have also failed to get reimbursed.

During the investigation, it was found that “…the hotels were advertised through a tourism website owned and operated by persons who also hold interests in the entities managing the properties themselves”.

Voluntary Compliance Assurance has been entered into between: Enjo Properties LLC, Jade Enterprises, Inc., Lieghio’s Hamilton Inn Select, Inc., Mackinaw City Chamber of Tourism, Inc., Mackinaw City Chamber of Tourism Inc. d/b/a Hotel Jabber Travel Advisor, Quality Properties of Mackinaw, Inc. and Queen’s Properties, Inc.

The above groups, according to the Ministry of the Attorney General, do business with several hotels throughout the City of Mackinaw, including the following:

Some of the highlights of the agreement include the following:

  • Hotels will no longer accept room reservations at hotels closed for the season and where a room reservation cannot be filled at other times, consumers are assured of the option to cancel and obtain reimbursement.
  • The tourism entity is required to remove the “official seal” from the Chamber of Tourism website and also include prominent disclaimers on each website stating: “This website and all hotels on this website are jointly owned by a 5th generation local family who have owned, developed and personally managed hotels in Mackinaw City since 1955.”
  • Consumers will have 90 days to submit refund requests and are eligible for a 100% refund from the entities if they can document a fully paid reservation at one of the hotels that was closed for the season, with the consumer being transferred in another hotel, since January 1, 2017.
  • Consumers who filed complaints with the Department or the Better Business Bureau of being directed to another hotel upon arrival from January 1, 2017, via the NIA issuance in February, are eligible for an additional refund of $100 from the entities.
  • Entities will be liable for a total of up to $25,000 in consumer payments.
  • In addition to consumer payments, the entities will pay $5,000 to the State of Michigan and $35,000 to the Michigan Strategic Fund.

“Our consumer protection team is working to ensure that residents and tourists of our great state can relax and enjoy their vacation in Northern Michigan,” Attorney General Nessel said. “I encourage eligible consumers to contact us immediately for these refunds.”

Anyone who can document their experience with a reservation at one of the listed hotels during a closed season for the season from January 1, 2017 to present, or those who have not previously obtained a refund, can file a consumer complaint. on line.

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