Amadeus launches the most comprehensive air traffic forecasts in the world

Backed by comprehensive air data from Amadeus, the recently launched air traffic forecast provides tourism businesses with a holistic view of the traveler’s journey from start to finish.

As global travel demand grows, tourism organizations need access to reliable data, with a forward-looking view of what’s happening in the industry to make informed decisions.

Building on the success of the hospitality industry’s most robust business intelligence suite, comprised of hotel occupancy data from over 35,000 hotel partners and multiple airline datasets, Amadeus recently launched Air Traffic Forecast. The enhanced level of information provides a holistic view of the estimated number of air passengers traveling six months into the future, unlocking a holistic view of the traveler’s journey from scheduled departure to final destination.

Using Amadeus’ proprietary algorithms using a combination of forward-looking global air reservations and global air schedules, tourism organizations can now gain visibility into air travel patterns and trends, including air search, capacity, number of flights, reservations and arrivals. This information can help Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) assess the need for new itineraries and tailor marketing campaigns to capture travel demand, while investors can explore new business opportunities.

“Air Traffic Forecast is part of our ongoing development and innovation efforts that help make Amadeus the leader in the travel technology and data insights space,” said Joe Ahmed-Youssef, Executive Vice President for Business Intelligence and Data Solutions, Hospitality, Amadeus. “With such volatility in the travel ecosystem, access to reliable and accurate forecasts will allow tourism organizations to drive growth while capitalizing on all available revenue opportunities.”

Amadeus Air Forecast data is available as part of a broader suite of versatile and forward-looking market information, helping customers make strategic decisions and grow their businesses. For more information on Amadeus Air Data, please visit our website.

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