Announcement of the day: Dubai Tourism presents an epic trailer starring Jessica Alba and Zac Efron


Dubai Tourism has become a real blockbuster in its efforts to attract vacationers. Commissioning Director Craig Gillespie will create a six-part “Dubai Presents” film series alongside advertising agency Mother. Each film is presented as a movie-style trailer, using multiple film genres to provide a different take on Dubai and its cityscape.

“Dubai is a destination like no other. Our challenge was to create a campaign that made every aspect shine, ”said Chris Gallery, Partner at Mother. “There isn’t a single piece of content that can convey all that Dubai has to offer; our solution, the Dubai Presents platform, is wired to be flexible and showcase Dubai as the ultimate destination.

Starring leading actors Jessica Alba and Zac Efron, the first film “A Five-Star Mission” is shot in the style of the classic spy action genre with dramatic spy-style footage.

Shot on location, he sees Alba and Efron star as a workout couple staying at the iconic Burj Al Arab. As the couple fight through the trailer, the film seamlessly visits top destinations, including the Jumeriah Al Naseem and the overwater restaurant, Pierchic, before setting off on an epic desert epic in the country’s capital. Dubai Adventure, Hatta. For anyone who still thinks this is a movie trailer, the movie ends with ‘playing in Dubai’.

Dubai has doubled its tourist ads as the world opens up again. At 828m, Emirates created one of the tallest commercials ever, filmed at the tip of the Burj Khalifa.

Created to celebrate the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ‘s move to amber on the travel list, the ad shows an Emirates cabin crew member standing in full costume atop the Burj Khalifa, holding up signs messages like a nod to that famous scene from the movie Love in fact.

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