Beaver Dam Lawyer Retires – For Now | Regional news

“This is essentially a time when the city needs a lot more expertise and a lot more variety than a one-person law firm can handle,” she said. “The complexity of the practice of law, particularly in municipal law, has changed dramatically. I don’t know how I could get the expertise in the number of areas now required. I think it’s time to step aside.

Lawyers for Stafford Rosenbaum, a Madison-based firm, will take over the post in the new year.

Dave and Maryann graduated from UW-Madison Law School in the early 1960s and Dave was invited to become a partner in a Columbus and Fox Lake based law firm. Soon after, Dave and Maryann got married and established a partnership, home and family in Fox Lake.

It was a busy time and an adjustment period for Dave, who had grown up in Racine, and Maryann, who had grown up in Milwaukee.

“Eventually the partnership was gone and it was just Dave and me,” Maryann said. “Dave and I had a private practice and office in Cambria. Dave was then hired as the Fox Lake Municipal Lawyer and I was the Deputy Town Lawyer. I was also alderman for Fox Lake, represented Fox Lake on the county board, and had two children.

Beaver Dam waved and the family moved to a residence on Homestead Road, which was then outside of town.

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