Board of health renews insurance and makes budget adjustment


The Nodaway County Health Center Board of Directors met on October 19 to make a budget adjustment and renew employee health insurance.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan continues and is renewed. The monthly premium will be $ 3,397.84, up 7.7% from the monthly premium of $ 3,161.67 for the current year.

The changes in the budget did not affect the overall projected income of $ 535,396 and the projected expenses of $ 556,710. The SVFC contract was not renewed and the $ 9,000 was transferred to the COVID Cares fund. Other contracts were cut and the money was transferred to COVID Cares.

On the expenditure side, the capital improvement allowance of $ 15,000 has been transferred to program spending. The money had been earmarked for the concrete project, which the board postponed until 2022. With travel for work still reduced due to the pandemic, $ 3,000 was transferred from the account to program expenses.

Funding of $ 500 has been increased for office supplies. The employer’s contribution rate to LAGERS has been reduced by $ 2,000. Postage and printing costs have been reduced by $ 500 due to the reduction in the number of outsourced print jobs caused by the pandemic. Utilities have increased mainly with telephone charges due to the pandemic.

Administrator Tom Patterson reported on communicable diseases: “COVID-19 positivity rates in Missouri have fallen into the seven to eight percent range. Nodaway County is just over five percent.

“We are working with partners Mosaic Medical Center – Maryville and Northwest Missouri State University to provide a mass clinic on November 9 for the COVID recall. “

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