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Created: Nov 03, 2022 07:34

BTA’s Lost Yet Found “Glass Truck” in Boston. (Image from NBC Boston)

As temperatures begin to drop in New England, Boston residents have been offered a taste of sunny Bermuda as part of a promotion organized by the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

The BTA promotion featured a Lost Yet Found “glass truck” that gave those who stepped inside an immersive look at the island, surrounding them with high-definition screens showing images of Bermuda.

The truck recently spent three days in the city, and those who enjoyed the experience had a chance to win a free trip to the island.

The promotion was recently featured on Boston NBC’s The Hub show, which showed footage of the truck’s interior and exterior.

BTA’s Leonard Williams said: “We have everything from caves to natural wonders and beaches, which you obviously hear about, but there are also things you don’t hear about. Culture, historical grounds.

“We have everything you can think of when it comes to experiences on water and on land.”

NBC Boston takes a look inside the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s “glass truck.” (Image from NBC Boston)

Jamari Douglas, BTA’s vice president of marketing, public relations and communications, said the glass truck offered “a fully mobile, immersive experience showcasing our Lost Yet Found video, which features parts of Bermuda that a visitor potential may not know, while simultaneously challenging them to deepen our culture and our way of life.”

Mr Douglas said it was launched as part of marketing to build “relevance and awareness in key markets”.

It has been highlighted to date in Miami and Boston, ending in New York.

“While the glass truck is our main activation during these times, those unable to attend were still given a Bermudian experience through value-added advertisements displayed in Aventura Mall, Prudential Center Mall and once at New York Port Authority, which acts as a New York Travel Center for New York and New Jersey.

Mr Douglas said the locations were chosen based on advertising engagement and data on who had traveled to Bermuda after seeing an advertisement.

He added that the glass truck had delivered “impressive results so far”.

“Not only were Bermuda engagements organically increased by up to 56%, but consumer engagement was also so strong that NBC 10 Boston News provided free coverage, expanding our reach to an imminent audience of more of 20 million people.

“With the ability to engage directly with our consumers, we’re encouraging winter travel to the island both digitally and by using on-site ambassadors to deliver promotions such as ‘Endless Summer’ and the upcoming Cyber ​​Sale. .”

He said further promotions would be shared at a tourism summit scheduled for Nov. 18.

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