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LAHORE: The 49th Provincial Cabinet Meeting, which met here under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, approved several laws as well as the adoption by consensus of the Punjab Local Government Bill (PLGA) 2021.

According to the government, the new LG system will allow the people to delegate power to the grassroots.

The meeting overturned the decision to increase the commercial property tax to relieve traders. Those who have filed commercial property tax amounts would be adjusted in the next tax fee.

Reverses decision to increase commercial property tax

Approval in principle has been granted to the Public Immovable Property (Elimination of Encroachment) Ordinance 2021, which would allow the imposition of damages on land grabbers as well as the elimination of encroachments on land in the ‘State. The occupants involved in the occupation of the domain will have to pay damages on a daily basis.

The meeting decided to refer the issue of amending the Land Revenue Law to decide on new administrative units to the Cabinet Standing Committee for Legislation.

The cabinet also approved the immediate recruitment of the vacant posts in the school education department and called on the department to take further action in this regard. Formal approval for the creation of six cement factories was also granted.

The assembly also approved the modification of the Provençal Ordinance of 1965 on motor vehicles for the registration of electric vehicles. He ordered a ministerial committee to be set up to rule on the agreement between the excise service and the CNRT while giving its approval in principle to an agreement for the installation of a radio frequency identification device (vehicle passport). in vehicles. Approval was granted to disburse a payment of Rs 85 million to affected people in Sahiwal and Sialkot under Phase I of the Punjab Intermediate Town Improvement Investment Program in accordance with a safeguard policy social.

Approval was also granted to improve financial management and procurement of irrigation projects over Rs 5 billion.

The draft agreement and related matters were approved for the transfer of control of the lower part of the Chashma Canal on the right bank of Chashma to the Punjab in light of the decisions of the Common Interest Council (CCI). In this context, the repair and maintenance of the lower part of the Chashma canal on the right bank would come under the responsibility of the irrigation department.

A back-up plan has been approved to repair the losses suffered by the crops of Rabi in 2020 due to torrential rains and a hailstorm in Noorpur tehsil. It also approved the rules and regulations for the post of Director of Operations of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC).

The cabinet subsequently authorized police checkpoints, circles and police stations set up over the past two years. A change in the schedule of inspectors and sub-inspectors was approved in the terms of appointment and terms of service 2013 as well as the approval of the change in the rules of service of special posts. The establishment of the Saakar Military Border Police Police Station in the Koh-e-Sulaiman area of ​​DG Khan has been authorized.

The meeting adopted rules for the appointment of the President and CEO of the Authority of Punjab Aab-e-Pak.

The 2021 Rules on Private Housing Programs of the Punjab Development Authorities were also approved under the Punjab Towns Development Act 1976. The rules of the LDA would apply to all development authorities in the Punjab.

The cabinet approved the transfer of Sargodha Medical College and Gujrat Medical College to the Department of Specialized Health Care and Medical Education. Likewise, the recruitment of 1,142 vacant educational posts in DG Khan was authorized.

Revised rules for the Punjab Ombudsman Nabila Khan were also adopted as well as the approval of decisions taken at the 48th Cabinet Meeting and the 63rd Meeting of the Cabinet Standing Committee on Finance and Development. Decisions taken at the 70th to 74th meetings of the Cabinet Standing Committee on Legislation were also approved.

Posted in Dawn, le 24 November 2021


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