City of Silt Seeks Lodging Tax Increase to Fund Parks and Recreation

Voters in Silt will be asked to vote for a proposal to raise the city’s lodging tax in an effort to secure more funds for the parks and recreation department, a March 17 news release said.

The election is scheduled for April 5.

If passed, the accommodation tax would increase from 2.5% to 5% for people staying in local hotels for less than 30 days. People pay an accommodation tax when they stay overnight in hotels or accommodation rentals in the area.

“Revenue from the tax is placed in the city’s beautification fund and is used for” the development and marketing of tourist improvements and attractions, special events, city beautification, historic preservation and promotion general of the city, “the statement said.

In the past, revenues from the beautification fund have been used for projects such as downtown improvements, Interstate 70 interchange design and park upgrades, etc., the statement said. .

The statement said Silt City Council intends to direct the new Lodging Tax revenue to projects identified in the recently adopted Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, including:

• Replace dangerous sidewalks and recreational paths that provide access to parks;

• Review of the design and engineering of a recreational trail from Silt to Coal Ridge Secondary School;

• Replacement of the belvedere at Veterans Park;

• Explore the addition of washrooms and a sidewalk at Flying Eagle Park;

• Conversion of a less used park into a xeric demonstration area to save water and maintenance.

“Other projects this money could be used for are wayfinding signage for residents and visitors, improving traffic management and circulation, improving quality of life and amenities, the acquisition of parks, leisure facilities and open spaces, support for cultural organizations, etc.,” the press release states.

For more information on this ballot initiative, please contact City Administrator Jeff Layman at [email protected] or 970-876-2353 ext. 103.

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