Compensation Clinic: Double Charge at Hyatt Place Bangkok Sukhumvit

The Compensation Clinic is in Bangkok at the Hyatt Place this week, where I stayed for three nights and the hotel unfortunately messed up the payment process resulting in a double billing that took them forever to resolve.

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This Hyatt Place is one of Bangkok’s finest service properties (sometimes quite pricey, though) and I’ve booked stays here several times in the past.

It was still pretty quiet, and I think this hotel is not for someone who spends a lot of time on the property but more of a place to spend a comfortable night in a good location.

When checking in I was asked for the credit card as usual and noticed that I had left my Chase Sapphire Reserve which I prefer to use for travel purchases in another wallet. I decided to just check in with American Express and then change my payment method later.

The hotel employee said she would take a 6000 baht clearance, which was not the exact amount for the stay, but a bit more, so it didn’t seem strange to me. Later, when I got my Visa card back, I paid the bill with it. A few days later I noticed that the authorization on my Amex had turned into a full charge, so obviously there was an error.

I contacted the hotel and the staff took several days to even request a refund. Needless to say I was not happy and gave them another 2 days to deal with it. Always nothing. At that point, I told the general manager of the hotel that I was asking for 10,000 points for this and that I would be filing a chargeback with Amex simultaneously with their own refund process.

They showed me documents that they had requested reimbursement from their own bank, but things in Thailand always take a little longer. I submitted these documents in support of my chargeback request.

Finally, the fund appeared:

Amex notified me a few days later that the chargeback was closed and a $1 currency difference was also applied.

The 10,000 points displayed on my Hyatt account also:

With all this back and forth I found that 10,000 points is a reasonable number of points as compensation in this case. It’s too much when you consider that a night here only costs 5,000 points, but that doesn’t make up for all the tracking and time wasted figuring out how to get the second full charge back on my Amex.


Changing the payment method or splitting the payment after authorization on another card is a common procedure that happens all the time. It was pretty obvious that the front desk clerk handled the entire bill incorrectly, as she deducted an amount as payment from the card that wasn’t even the full billing amount.

This could easily be avoided with better staff training. I suspect this member of staff didn’t know how to operate the credit card terminal which ended up causing the mess.

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