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County discusses potential SPLOST VI projects

Posted at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 9, 2022

During the Troup County Commissioners Business Session on Tuesday, County Executive Eric Mosley provided an update on proposals for the upcoming Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) vote.

Mosley said he and Commission Chairman Patrick Crews spoke with the mayors and city managers of the three cities to discuss potential plans for SPLOST VI.

Based on previous SPLOST receipts, the county is projecting revenue of $80 million, about $10 million more than the previous SPLOST.

“I think that’s a pretty conservative number,” Mosley said. “Based on the $80 million and the 45-45-5-5 (loss percentage) split, Troup County will generate approximately $34.2 million over a six-year SPLOST.”

As part of the spinoff, the town of LaGrange will also generate approximately $34.2 million. West Point and Hogansville would receive approximately $3.8 million each.

One of the proposals would take $4 million of the $80 million to pay for the repaving of Kia Boulevard because of its countywide significance.

The repaving of Kia Boulevard and Sorento Way has been an important part of recent Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) discussions due to the economic impact of the Kia Georgia plant on Troup County. Both roads were paid for by the Georgia Department of Transportation when the plant was built, but the roads now need to be repaved.

The proposal would use $4 million to repave Kia Boulevard, Kia Parkway and Sorento Way, as well as some renovations to the bridge that crosses Long Cane Creek.

Mosley said another project that was discussed by Sheriff James Woodruff, LaGrange Police Chief Lou Dekmar and the other chiefs was the idea of ​​a countywide camera system.

The proposed system would be used to capture license plates and vehicle descriptions for criminal activity.

“Based on requests I received, we have allocated $13.8 million for transportation infrastructure, not only for road resurfacing, but also for the county airport, equipment upgrades and replacement bridges,” Mosley said.

The rest of the proposals include projects for public safety, quality of life and government administrative facilities.

Mosley said he had scheduled a joint meeting with the three city councils and the Board of Commissioners on October 5 at Great Wolf Lodge to discuss plans and finalize the SPLOST VI referendum for March 2023.

  • In other matters, commissioners voted to approve a new lieutenant position for the Troup County Jail. Woodruff said the prison previously had two lieutenants. The second position was previously eliminated to save money when the prison population was low, but now it is over capacity at 617 inmates. The regular capacity of the prison is 600.
  • The council also authorized the Recreation Department to accept a $9,000 repayable grant from Three Rivers for homebound seniors. The county plans to use the funds to purchase paper items to use during the food distribution.
  • The commissioners also approved a home occupation business license for Justin Woitena at 63 James Drive for a junk removal business. As a condition of the license, the business owner may not bring trash picked up in the course of the business to their home, or use the county convenience store to dispose of the items. Woitena has secured a storage unit to store items that need to be kept overnight and plans to use her house solely as an office for the company.

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