County sets occupancy record in July


Accommodation establishments in the county had a record month in July, setting a record for full nights.

Preliminary July reports from the Door County Tourism Zone Commission showed the county completed 113,596 room nights for the month: an increase of 6,241 from the same month in 2019, or 5.8%. The previous record for filled nights was in July 2017, when 112,515 nights were filled, meaning the county saw an increase of just under 1% in filled nights from July 2017. That number may also increase as late reports arrive. in.

The July figures follow a strong June report.

The increase was more dramatic in dollar terms thanks to an increase in the average daily rate from $ 202 to $ 232 since 2019. This pushed the total collection to $ 1,441,032, up from $ 1,178,016 in 2019.

Occupancy percentages across the peninsula have exceeded 84%, reaching record highs of 91.4% in Ephraim and 90.6% in the village of Egg Harbor.

Occupancy percentages are partially inflated by the fact that many properties have limited the days rooms were available due to staff issues or COVID-19 issues. This meant that the total number of nights of available accommodation was much lower than in previous years, but even if those nights had all been available and not filled, the percentage of occupancy across the county would have reached a record 79%. . The previous record was 77.27% in July 2017.

For the year to date, room tax collections have increased 40% to $ 3,426,623 and total accommodation revenues have grown from $ 45 million in 2019 to nearly $ 63 million. dollars in 2021.

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