Crerar Hotels employees to share the £ 150,000 payment


SCOTTISH group Crerar Hotels has revealed plans to pay its workforce £ 150,000 this month from its recently revised ‘fair fund’.

Crerar, which has seven, four and five star hotels and inns across Scotland, has introduced an optional 10% charge at each of its properties, “giving guests a simple way to reward team members for exceptional service ”. He said: “Since June a total of £ 150,000 has been raised from customers who have chosen to pay for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea or spa treatments. The fair fund will go to more than 200 employees, in all departments on an equal basis. Crerar noted that “the payment is quarterly, which means associates who are now at or above the living wage level will receive regular payments of fair funds to supplement their wages.”

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He added: ‘Hotel team members are expected to earn around £ 1,000 on top of their annual salaries, with their fair payment commensurate with the number of hours worked in the past three months. For some chefs this amounted to an extra £ 2,000 for three months of excellent service.

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Chris Wayne-Wills, Managing Director, said: “The fair fund ensures that staff receive payment in proportion to the hours worked and means those who work behind the scenes are rewarded as well.”

He added: “All of our team members work incredibly hard to deliver genuine first class Scottish hospitality, so we wanted to provide customers with an easy way to reward that which would result in a completely fair and transparent structure.”

The quarterly payout from the ‘Fair Trade Fund’ announcement comes just months after Crerar Hotels launched a tranche of new ‘lifestyle benefits’ for employees and committed £ 1million to attract, retain and grow talent through the Crerar Academy.

Mr. Wayne-Willis said in July: “It is evident that the recruitment crisis is still brewing for the entire industry, but we are making great strides in ensuring that our teams are reinforced by dedicated and talented employees. seeking a rewarding career within a company where hard work and authenticity are truly valued. ”

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