Domestic politics will follow Biden abroad


“The President’s obsession and preoccupation with going and chatting with people in Glasgow, Scotland to talk about the Green New Deal is completely lost on the American people, who care more, much more, about the prices they pay. to heat their homes, ”said Senate Minority Whip John Thune of South Dakota.

There are other items on the President’s travel agenda that may be of immediate concern to people back home. For example, Sullivan pointed out Biden’s intention to “consolidate progress” on establishing a global minimum tax.

“He will laser focus on supply chains and energy prices because he knows these issues are impacting working families here in America. And by advancing the Build Back Better World initiative – the B3W initiative – it will show how a high-quality, climate-friendly alternative to the Belt and Road Initiative can help American businesses and American workers. be globally competitive on all aspects of infrastructure, from physical infrastructure to digital for health, ”said Sullivan.

While the president is abroad, Vice President Kamala Harris and other top Democrats will be in Virginia trying to help former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe return to the governor’s mansion. It’s a contest that will draw Biden to a rally in Arlington, Va. On Tuesday night at one of his last official events before leaving for Europe.

The rally site, Virginia Highlands Park, is a bustling and densely populated part of Northern Virginia, near Ronald Reagan National Airport and the Pentagon and a few blocks from where Amazon is building its headquarters on East cost. It’s the kind of place Democrats tend to rack up big margins to offset losses in rural Virginia and closer margins in transition areas, like the Richmond suburb.

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