Event Center Breaks Breakeven On Rodeo But Seeks Gambling Revenue To Continue To Book Big Events | Local


The event center has also secured a COVID-19 small business loan of $ 150,000 and expects to get an additional $ 350,000, although unlike other pandemic relief, it will have to repay that money.

The center also plans to request some of the US bailout money funneled to the state, she said.

Investing pandemic relief money in tourism can help the community recover – which the rodeo illustrated, Dickerson said.

Case in point: Hangars Cleaners, which cleaned candidates’ jeans and shirts, was able to pay overtime and give more than $ 2,000 in bonuses to its employees, which the company struggled to pay when business was low. stalled due to the pandemic, said company president Carl Rohman.

The Amigos near the center of the event also gave its employees bonuses to keep food flowing through the drive-thru window during busy rodeo week, Dickerson said.

Looking to the future, she said, the community has a decision to make: if Lincoln and Lancaster County are to continue hosting events with large economic impact, like the rodeo, they will have to engage in another source of income to help support what is now a 20 year old establishment.

“We, as a community, have to figure out how to further support this fun fair,” she said. “People want to come to Lincoln, they want to come to Nebraska. But we have to decide, does this correspond to our priority of what we want in our capital, our agricultural state? It is in a way a great opportunity to merge the urban and the rural.

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