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Up-to-date passport? Are friends and relatives excited about meeting in person outside of the backyard?

Tune in to Netflix’s latest series “The World’s Greatest Vacation Rentals” for ideas on places, experiences and places to stay; it will make you dream to travel.

Over the course of all eight episodes, viewers are taken on adventures in Bali, the American Northwest / Southwest, Hawaii, food retreats, bizarre bed and breakfasts, and private islands. Audiences can enjoy the 30-minute escapes with YouTubers Megan Batoon (a self-proclaimed design girl and handyman), Jo Franco (a lifestyle and travel influencer) and Luis Ortiz from the Bravo reality series “Million Dollar. Listing New York. ” During each episode, the trio select vacation rentals based on different price points: Batoon chooses the best budget vacation rentals; Franco shows us unique vacation rentals; and Ortiz manages luxury rentals. The group stays two nights at each property to test them out, while providing advice and cultural details about the area and the property. Trips range from a four-story ‘bird’s nest’ in the middle of a rice paddy in Bali to an upscale resort in Alaska that makes cocktails with ice cream from a glacier.

“I think vacation rentals, especially for summer travel and moving forward, are a great option for people who want to be a little more secluded, who want more privacy and privacy. space, ”Franco said. “There are so many options. So many of these types of shows where you see amazing homes or vacation rentals, the pricing is really irrelevant, but on our show it doesn’t.

We spoke with Franco ahead of the show’s premiere on Friday to find out what travelers can expect in a world still reeling from the pandemic and its effects. Franco has traveled to over 50 countries and speaks six to seven languages ​​(she is currently learning Egyptian Arabic). The following interview has been condensed and edited.


Q: Are all of these properties on Airbnb and VRBO or are they hard to find?

A: These places are listed on these vacation rental platforms; it’s really just a matter of digging. What’s cool is that the show is like a catalog of the best places. We did the research, we found some really amazing trips and life changing experiences – this is my side of the trip. I have traveled for a decade and when I travel I consider it to be, let me learn something new – learn a language, learn the culture, meet people. So the vacation rentals I chose, you see that interaction with the hosts or you see us put the context into there – that’s what was really special to me. These platforms allow us to see the world more as a classroom and less as a place to stop as a tourist.

Jo Franco in the

Q: Has the pandemic changed your perspective on travel?

A: I think the pandemic has made safety a top priority for most people, as it should. The pandemic has shown us how global we really are: one thing would happen in one country, then next month it would happen in another, and that’s a very hard thing to swallow. But that hasn’t necessarily changed my thinking that traveling is the best education. If we do it safely, if we protect ourselves and others, it’s still the way I personally live my life and how I encourage others to explore and get to know each other in the world. I am delighted to see travel opening up again. What I hope people get from the show is an encouragement to go out, see the world, and really watch travel not so much as that thing inaccessible to glitz and glamor, but as an opportunity to live. a rich life, to learn things you never would have learned. And realize how much bigger the world is.

Q: Do you envision, once the series airs, that there will be waiting lists to rent the venues for the series?

A: I think there is going to be some fierce competition for the rentals you see on the show, so I recommend you jump on Airbnb now. I think what people might take away from the show isn’t necessarily specific locations, but the idea that there are so many places to rent, because we only saw three properties per episode. So imagine how many more there are, and there are all kinds of ways you can do it. Travel for the food, travel for the weird, and you could go on and on, because there are endless categories, from small niche markets like the paranormal, which is no longer so small, to one big concept. like gastronomic stays. You can use your interest, find a home and tie it up, so you get that well-rounded experience. I always say choose an interest or a passion, and let it guide your journey.

Q: Do you have a favorite experience with the show?

A: According to the show, one of my favorite experiences has to be the igloo. It was by no means the most comfortable sleep, but I was absolutely moved by Finland and the tranquility of being there in the middle of winter. We are in the northern part of Finland, near the Arctic Circle, and we see the Northern Lights and we are on this beautiful frozen lake. It’s really cool to sleep in something that will melt in the spring. So this is one in a million opportunity, like staying in a one-time house.

“The most beautiful vacation rentals in the world”

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