Gasoline prices will hit a record high over the weekend as cottage owners rethink their summer plans

Spontaneous summer getaways by vacationers will be much less frequent for those who feel the pinch at the pump.

Gasoline prices rose another two cents overnight Friday in Simcoe County and the GTA, and are expected to rise further Saturday to 215.9 cents per liter – an all-time high.

“Part of being in Canada is enjoying the outdoors and getting around,” said Christine Simbirski, who stopped to refuel in Barrie. “It’s really hard to have a budget for that now.”

Simbirski won’t be alone in budgeting, as summer travel costs continue to rise.

As an avid kayaker, she said she’s planning fewer trips on the water this summer to cut costs at home.

“We’re going to see gasoline prices tomorrow reach this all-time high – 215.9 here in the GTA across most of southern Ontario,” said Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy. “It’s likely to rise by at least another hundred or two on Sunday.”

Rising gas prices haven’t slowed down tourism operators in the heart of Muskoka, but they have changed the way they plan their summer.

John Miller is the president of Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Center in Gravenhurst and said he expects a busy summer, despite travel expenses.

“Even though gas prices are extraordinarily high and the weather hasn’t been the best, we’ve been extremely busy over the past two or three weeks,” he added. “We have a lot more events scheduled than usual, which I think you’ll start to see because of these rising costs.”

While prices should break a record on Saturday, the tightening at the pumps will not stop there.

According to McTeague, gasoline prices in southern Ontario could exceed 2.20 cents per liter by July.

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