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15 & 16 Hawley Square (google image)

Approval has been given to create holiday apartments in Grade II listed buildings next to the Theater Royal in Margate.

The plan is to turn 15 and 16 Hawley Square – currently set up as offices and apartments – into seven serviced “hotel apartments”.

The site is a 4 storey plus basement building with a parking area to the rear. The property was built in the late 18th century in a Georgian style and was listed as Grade II in 1973. It has been unoccupied since August 2017 and many of the original features have been altered over the years.

MCUBE Ltd’s approved proposal is to create the holiday apartments to: ‘help attract visitors to Margate and in turn contribute to the development of the local economy’.

MCUBE will restore original features to the front and create a roof terrace to the rear, provide three parking spaces, add balconies and transform the interior.

What the Image London Fields Studios facade might look like

Planning documents indicate that the property will be run as a serviced apartment hotel, with flexible hours of stay. Clients can stay for long weekends, a week or even months with all utilities and bills included in the price.

The promoter adds: “As part of the sustainable approach of the program, a limited number of parking spaces will be made available on site so that customers can park at all times. The spaces on site can be used by customers to deposit their luggage and for a short stay. For longer stays, parking is available at a local car park.

“As the location of the building is in close proximity to the train station, it is expected that the majority of guests will arrive by train. This mode of transport will also be recommended as the best means of transport to reach the aparthotel.

A developer contribution of £1,768 is required as holiday accommodation means additional recreational pressure on the area.

What the back could look like Image London Fields Studios

The property is within the Margate Conservation Area. Hawley Square is a Georgian square created by Sir Henry Hawley in 1770, who owned the land. It was designed as a pleasure ground where people paid a subscription to access the gardens.

The terraced houses surrounding the square may have started construction in the 1780s, and by the 1790s the square was virtually complete. The buildings are typically tall, a notable mark of the city’s status and the number of visitors it has attracted from the capital despite its remote location. Their height also reflects economic thinking: “high-rise buildings offered more rooms to rent as housing and therefore more income for owners”.

During its Georgian and Victorian heyday, many of the square’s terraced buildings were used as hotels, boarding houses and private schools, while others provided residences for the nobility, new professional and mercantile classes.

15 Hawley Square (Home of Methodist Ministers) 1908 Margate Local History Image

A heritage statement for the project said: “The proposed change of use is a direct reflection of the historic use of the building and those around Hawley Square, in the context of Margate’s development as a popular seaside resort. .

“There are many historical sources which confirm that the buildings in this square were developed and prospered through their popularity as quality lodging houses for seasonal guests coming down from London.

“In recent years, Margate has regained its popularity as a weekend and seasonal destination with visitors to the capital, and the quality accommodation offer has the potential to attract further interest. The proposal aims to capture the spirit of Margate and bring it back to life in an updated version for the new visitors it will attract.

The development was cleared by Thanet Council on June 13.

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