How GoZayaan Simplifies Digital Tourism

GoZayaan as a company has been making headlines since the start of this year with exciting new announcements dropping every few weeks.

The company acquired a Pakistani online travel marketplace earlier this year and made history as the first Bangladeshi travel agency to do so. Despite all these achievements, GoZayaan remains a customer-oriented brand whose sole objective is to provide the best service in the world. With a brand campaign proclaiming ‘Go Limitless’, the company itself goes all out to ensure it Go Limitless for its customers every day.

GoZayaan has established itself as a customer-oriented brand through various vigorous initiatives over the past few years. While it is obvious that the brand is synonymous with travel without limits, today we are discussing the convenience that the brand offers with multiple value-added services to make travel more convenient for users.

Unlimited Benefits for the Unlimited Traveler:

GoZayaan has always tried to provide best in class service to customers. With this in mind, the company continuously offers numerous advantages and value-added services for travelers.

During the pandemic, only essential travel was promoted through the platform. But the company didn’t stop there; RT-PCR tests integrated into international flight purchases and the Go-Safe program were launched with a view to simplifying the maze of international travel during the lockdown. Travel insurance has also been launched at BDT 10 just to make health care accessible in these difficult times, even when traveling abroad. The insurance also includes coverage for Covid-19.

To cope with the influx of tourists after international borders began to lift restrictions, the company introduced its 0% EMI service. The EMI service allows travelers to travel now and repay the amount needed in installments over an appropriate period of time. However, the EMI requires the use of a credit card. For those without access to a credit card, the company even offers travel loans that provide more or less the same benefits.

New additions:

GoZayaan started its journey focusing mainly on international flights. When international travel came to a halt in mid-2020, the company immediately focused on its home country and brought local hotels and tour operators onto the platform to adapt to the challenging new travel ecosystem. .

Now that international travel has resumed, the company has once again set out to capture this scene. He did this by identifying a key issue for Bangladeshis when traveling abroad – booking an international hotel.

Booking locally when traveling abroad is often a risky option due to the high demand for hotels and international travel at this time. However, booking an international hotel before leaving the country often requires making payments through foreign websites that require international credit cards or special cards that many people often do not have access to.

Also, due to soaring exchange rates, carrying dollars and paying locally is not very beneficial either. GoZayaan has eliminated this problem by having the largest inventory of international hotels on its platform, ensuring that people can pay through local methods and in local currency. The 0% EMI service can also be used here.

Ease of use:

Convenience is key when it comes to introducing users to an entirely new system. With only 5% of the Bangladeshi tourism scene existing in the digital space, it is evident that the population is still in the learning phase of digital tourism. To make the process easier for travelers, both the GoZayaan website and app have a sleek and easy-to-use appearance.

There are no ads cluttering the pages or unnecessary and confusing options. The booking process is quite simple with instant confirmations arriving as soon as payment is cleared. Even though one prefers to use the EMI facility, the process is completely paperless and does not require users to fill out lengthy forms or physically travel to the bank.

GoZayaan’s main concern from the very beginning has been to bring the utmost convenience to users and help travelers go limitless. Whether through financial assistance such as EMI service or convenience with services such as travel insurance, GoZayaan has established itself as a brand that truly cares about travelers.

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