I-25 South Gap on time and on budget, entering final year


As the I-25 South Gap project enters its fourth year of construction, more than 3,251 people have invested 1.3 million hours to improve the safety and reliability of travel along Interstate 25 between Castle Rock and Monument. This Colorado Department of Transportation project – in partnership with Kraemer North America – is on time and on budget as it enters the final year of construction.

The 18-mile I-25 South Gap project will provide a new expressway in each direction, wider shoulders, five new bridges, four new wildlife crossings, 28 miles of deer fencing, a truck climbing route I -25 southbound to Monument Hill, I-25 chain station southbound and improved technology. The entire project is expected to end in November 2022.

Motorists can expect to see paving operations and crews complete bridge work (especially at Larkspur and Monument), which may require closure of I-25, ramp and bridge. Additionally, motorists will see wider lanes of traffic as crews clear obstacles through the I-25 South Gap work area. Although traffic lanes are getting wider, it is still essential for motorists to obey posted speed limits, keep a safe distance, and never drive distracted or impaired.


Project promiseProgress as of September 1, 2021
Bridges: Five bridges will be rebuilt as part of the I-25 South Gap project.From North to south :
  • Spruce Mountain Road Bridge 100% Complete
  • Upper Lake Gulch Road Bridge 95% Complete
  • The bridge over Plum Creek is 100% complete
  • Greenland Road Bridge: 100% Complete
  • County Line Road Bridge: 70% Complete
Paving: All lanes will have a new carriageway. The project includes 822,000 tonnes of permanent asphalt.To date, 620,000 tonnes of asphalt mix put in place; 75% of paving completed.
Advanced technology: The crews are working to modernize communications and electricity along the corridor to enable future advanced technology. Some of this cutting edge technology comes in the form of a new fiber optic cable.Crews moved nearly 90,000 linear feet of existing fiber optic line that lay under I-25.

Wildlife safety: Four new wildlife underpasses are being built with hopes of reducing animal-vehicle collisions along the I-25 South Gap corridor by 90%. These full span bridges were designed in partnership with the Colorado Division of Wildlife specifically to allow passage of animals. Also includes 28 miles of deer fencing.

23.5 miles by 28 miles total of deer fencing installed; four wildlife passages completed.
Workforce: Investing in infrastructure also means investing in small businesses and people.
  • The I-25 South Gap project hired 3,251 field workers who contributed more than 1.3 million man hours.
  • $ 35.7 million in salaries have been paid to field workers to date
  • There were 556 subcontracts executed, with more than 175 certified contracts for disadvantaged companies. More than 500 suppliers have contributed to the project. The majority of the subcontractors are Colorado companies.
  • CDOT requires prime contractors to provide on-the-job training as part of the project contract. The I-25 South Gap project has nearly 80 apprentices who have logged nearly 40,000 hours of training.


Project helpline: 720-745-5434
the Web: i25gap.codot.gov
Sign up to receive email updates: [email protected]
SMS alerts: Text I25GAP to 21000
Project Facebook page: Facebook.com/I25SouthGapProject

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