Jason Levesque is unopposed for Auburn mayor


Jason levesque

Name: Jason levesque

Age: Did not respond

Occupation: mayor of Auburn

Political experience: Two terms of office at the town hall

Why do you think you are the most qualified, or the best candidate for this seat?

After four years, I have seen and done a lot, from celebrating our 150th anniversary, to creating, planning and organizing new events, marketing campaigns, participating in our strategic planning process, fully reviewing the plan, navigating a pandemic and outreach efforts in Augusta and Washington, coupled with my experience in the private and military sectors, gave me an excellent perspective on Auburn’s past, its vision and the way forward.

Please name two issues that you feel are critical to Auburn’s future and how you would approach them.

Tax fairness; After three years of little or no tax increases, we must continue to attract new commercial and residential developments so that we can significantly reduce the property tax bill for our residents. Population growth; we need to attract and retain more residents to ensure our businesses have the workforce they need to grow and prosper. We also need more people to keep getting great things. . . from retail to restaurants to winning sports teams.

Do you think the city should expand the possibilities for recreation and development around Lake Auburn? Why or why not.

There are many forms of recreation which are currently not permitted and which can be enjoyed on or around Lake Auburn without adversely affecting the quality of our lake. We must not ignore how Lake Auburn can have a positive impact on the physical and psychological well-being of our residents. Smart and sane accommodations to enhance recreation can be made without harming our drinking water supply.

There is a lot of pressure and negativity that public officials have to deal with these days. Do you have a message for citizens about this relationship?

Ninety-nine percent of Auburn’s residents are great to work with. It’s only a small percentage of mean and disrespectful people that sometimes make this job difficult. We were elected to make tough decisions, you should get angry when elected officials refuse to make decisions.

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