Jessica Alba and Zac Efron’s latest adventure for Dubai tourism falls


Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Zac Efron return for the fifth installment of Dubai Tourism’s Dubai Presents trailer series, again directed by award-winning Australian filmmaker Craig Gillespie.

The last spot to be released this weekend is called “A Riveting Mystery” and once again plays across the film genre that crosses the previous four spots. However, this time around we get a nugget of information that Efron’s character is an archaeologist, while Alba is introduced as a professor. Handsome and smart, too!

The commercial series is the work of London-based creative agency Mother, with reports totaling six.

All of the spots are shot beautifully and it’s clear the agency was on a really big budget, but again, they’re a bit dark and violent and don’t offer the usual raft of attractions you’d expect from a travel ad. Check out ad number five for yourself below:

Relive the previous spots here. “Dubai presents: a captivating saga”; “Dubai presents: a whole new you”; “Dubai Presents: A Romance to Remember”; and “Dubai Presents: A Five Star Mission”.


Client: Dubai Tourism

Creative: Mother

Production company: MJZ

Director: Craig Gillespie

Director of photography: Nicolas Karakatsanis

Producer: Martha Davis

Production company abroad: Stoked

Edit House: Exile

Editors: Shane Reid, Nick Gilberg, Will Butler and Brendan Jenkins (Ten Three)

Post office: Electric theater collective

Post-producer: Jon Purton

Production coordinator: Emma Hughes

VFX Supervisor: Ryan Knowles

VFX Leaders: Sarah Crux, Ally Burnett, Ruben Llusia, Hani AlYousif

VFX artists: Alberto Pizzocchero, Daniel Brewster, Adam Woolrich, Ludvig Hallenius, Christian Block, Doruk Saglam, Kia Coates Stirling Archibald, Thiago Vilas Boas, Heather Costa, Will Medcalf, Tane Welham, Chris Fraser, Kieran Jordan, Oscar Tornincasa, Julie Cruette , Luke Butler, Dave Birkill, Gareth Williams, Adam Darrah

Sound: 750 mph

Sound Engineers: Sam Ashwell (Head), Jeff Smith, Tom Joyce, Mike Bovil and Jake Ashwell

Music Company: two-tone audio group

Creative Director / Founder: Peter Nashel

Composer: Peter Nashel

Executive Music Producer: Ross Hopman

Main Music Producer: Giovonni Lobato

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