JetBlue Vacations Launches Flight, Cruise and Hotel Packages as Complete Travel


I was recently basking in the Caribbean waters when I struck up a conversation with the gentleman swimming near me. We started talking about our favorite vacation spots and vendors – and he raved, raved, and praised me for his Jet Blue experiences. No exaggeration. He regularly books flight and hotel packages with Jet Blue, and expressed his great loyalty to the brand to me.

And now with Jet Blue you can book a flight, a great hotel and a cruise! – all at once – and you can do it transparently. This is great news!

JetBlue Travel Products (JTP) recently announced the launch of JetBlue Vacations Flight + Cruise packages, making JetBlue the first US national airline to offer customers the ability to book their flight, cruise and hotel in one location. New cruise packages with Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line are now available at, offering customers a unique opportunity to save time and money by bundling their travel purchases, with all segments of their travel supported by JetBlue’s signature service. Building on the fluidity of travel, new flight + cruise launch marks JTP’s next foray into JetBlue’s evolution into a broader travel agency offering whole trips in addition to thefts.

“Continuing to build on the trust that JetBlue has established over the past 20+ years, we want customers to book everything from flights and cruises to hotels and more, all with us,” said Andres Barry, president of JetBlue Travel. Some products. “Managing customer service ourselves, rather than sending it to multiple entities, allows us to go above and beyond while meeting JetBlue standards at every point of contact. As cruise lines increasingly return to sailing, we are excited to refresh our package offerings, as we continue to create accessories and grow our non-ticketing revenue base. “

With a focus on ease and convenience, the new offerings from JetBlue Travel Products are designed to create a smoother travel experience, from booking to travel and even back. Today, booking a cruise vacation can be a stressful experience – customers spend a lot of time researching flights that will get them to their port on time, doing the math, and keeping track of travel time themselves. There is also always the risk that their flight will be delayed or canceled, causing them to miss their cruise departure, without recourse. To address some of the issues customers have and get them into vacation mode faster, JTP has partnered with travel technology specialists Traveltek to make it easy for customers to find and book cruise packages.

As part of JetBlue Plane-Port â„¢ Commitment, if a customer’s JetBlue flight is delayed or canceled, the airline will rebook the next available flight and / or ensure they go to their next port, free of charge. Alternatively, the airline will cover up to 150% of the customer’s original package price for a new JetBlue Vacations package, if their JetBlue flight is delayed or canceled. The airline’s plane-to-port commitment is only applicable if a cruise is missed due to a JetBlue flight delay or cancellation. JetBlue is committed to providing its customers with the best possible travel assistance, should any unforeseen travel schedule changes or delays cause them to miss their cruise departure. Looked.

· Same cruise, new port

If a customer misses their cruise departure due to a JetBlue travel delay, the airline will take them to their next port on the cruise itinerary so they can still enjoy the rest of their vacation.

· Same cruise, new dates

If a customer misses their cruise departure due to JetBlue travel delays but prefers not to go to the next port, the airline will rebook their flight + cruise package so they can go on vacation at a different time. (The customer will be responsible for any difference in the price of the package.)

· Same dates, new holidays

If a customer misses their cruise departure due to a JetBlue trip delay or cancellation and the airline is unable to get the customer to their next port (or, if they prefer do not fly to the next port), JetBlue will cover up to 50% of the customer’s original package price for a new JetBlue Vacations package.

JetBlue is offering a “Best Price Guarantee” on all of these new JetBlue Vacations flight + hotel and flight + cruise packages, so customers can spend less time searching for the best price and more time waiting for their next trip. If a customer finds a better price online for a flight + hotel or flight + cruise vacation package identical to a package offered by JetBlue Vacations before or within 48 hours of the customer’s purchase of that package from JetBlue Vacations, JetBlue warrants that it will match that price or refund the customer the price difference. By booking a flight and cruise package through JetBlue Vacations, customers have access to the award-winning onboard experience of JetBlue, including free in-flight alcoholic beverages (21 and over), free snacks, earlier boarding, and a Fly -Free WiFi. Customers will also have the opportunity to earn TrueBlue points (including qualifying Mosaic points), as well as cruise loyalty points. For more information, visit or call 1-844-JB-VACAY to join a team of 24/7 vacation planning experts who can help you book every detail of your next cruise trip.

I got an exclusive interview on with the president of Jet BlueTravel Products, Andres Barry, and that’s what he told me.

What prompted JetBlue Travel Products to now offer full trips instead of just flights?

Some things – one is that we’ve known for a long time that customers really appreciate the service we provide – it’s a natural extension – our customers go on pleasure trips. This is the first piece we recognized. There is a great opportunity as to how tour packages are different and we felt there was a better way to do it by being more user friendly and providing better travel experiences.

Can you give me a price range for, say, a JetBlue flight from Miami on Celebrity Cruises for 10 days?

For example, for a cruise – from New York – a 10-day trip per person, a little over a thousand dollars per person – that’s for the flight and the cruise. Purchased separately, it’s a few hundred dollars more. We have unique offers on the flight. The other advantage – if you want to change your plan – you only make one phone call.

Tell me more about the airplane-port engagement.

This is where we want to bring the flavor of JetBlue to space. We make sure the trip goes as planned and makes it easy for customers to come the day before or in the morning. Things don’t always go as planned. There is a lot of anxiety about “What if we miss my cruise?” We will find a way to make something beyond your control more preventable. If you’re late, we’ll fly you to the next port – we can get you there relatively easily. Or we will reserve another day for you again. Third, it might not be practical to fly to the second port – we’ll put you in a hotel to make sure you still have a beach vacation. We want customers’ peace of mind – and we will fund the hotel – we will apply the cost of the cruise plus an additional 50% to booking a hotel if you paid $ 300 a night for the cruise, Jet Blue will pay at $ 450 a night at the hotel – so you get your vacation. It’s pretty unique – if you just want to get from New York to somewhere warm. We will take care of all the parts – customers appreciate that. If you need to make any changes, one phone call with us will take care of everything.

What problems do these new flight and cruise packages avoid and solve for travelers?

Planning all the different components – flights for a cruise – often you want a hotel too, ground transfers – now the overall planning is made as easy as possible. Other benefits – loyalty link to receive True Blue Points. One-phone call service customers – we can change everything in one phone call.

Tell me about the best price guarantee.

We want to improve the process – do the hotel, cruise and flight package – you get a free drink on the flight, perks in hotels, we have a better product with better value for money. We believe we can give customers a great experience. We don’t want you to worry about getting the best deal – we take this seriously – we are a better deal than buying it separately. If your trip is cheaper, we’ll refund the difference. If you find something similar, on the same dates and hotels, and it’s cheaper elsewhere, we’ll refund the difference. We want to give our customers the confidence to book with us. We are usually already the best price.

What makes JetBlue special, unique and different? Why do travelers love it so much?

I think it’s a series of things – we’ve invested a lot in customer service on the ground and on board – the most legroom in our coach product – live TVs, Wi-Fi free, full snacks, we don’t skimp on drinks – we continue to invest to support our customers and we continue to innovate and stay ahead of the industry. This is what our customers tend to like. That feeling of confidence – and you can relax on your trip and let us have your vacation plans.

Can JetBlue also book your car rental? Tell me about it.

At JetBlue Travel Products, we wanted to disrupt the package market – we have a concierge on the ground, we have added cruises to the vacation product, and we are seeing tremendous traction for our packages. We recognize that package travel isn’t for everyone – we bring the JetBlue level of service to customers who want to build their trips differently – we wanted to do it differently and make the experience our own. If you’ve already booked the flight, but want to add a car or hotel later, this is where we built Paisly by JetBlue, where everything is just a click away and build your trip a la carte as you go. time. We are really proud of what we have done. We are excited about all the benefits and flexibility. Adopt a more customer-centric view. We see it in the customer traction we get, especially when there is so much travel uncertainty.

To me as a journalist everything sounds great and very, very good – and I’m sure my new friend in Caribbean waters would be in awe!


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