Job vacancies peak in two years



New data shows job vacancies have peaked in two years with the reopening of retail, tourism and hospitality outlets after months of lockdowns.

Data from the job platform Seek shows a 10.2% month-over-month increase in job postings posted in October.

The sharp increase follows stimulus packages launched by the governments of NSW and Victoria to boost the state’s economic recovery.

The latest data now shows a 66% increase in job vacancies year over year.

Job vacancies increased for the second month in a row, after declining monthly since April.

Seek chief executive Kendra Banks said updated COVID-19 roadmaps sparked the recent wave.

“The COVID-19 roadmap announcements in New South Wales and Victoria have encouraged companies to move forward with rehiring and preparing for the summer vacation period,” Ms. Banks said .


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Jobs by sector

Unsurprisingly, with the reopening of Victoria and NSW, hotel and tourism ads jumped 35.5%.

However, applications by vacancy remain on the decline as Australians appear to be cautious when deciding their next career move.

“Many recruiters are still struggling to recruit. Monthly applications per job offer are down 0.8% nationally and remain well below pre-pandemic levels, down 34 , 9% compared to September 2021 to September 2019 “, she added. Banks said in September.

Recent data shows that many Australians have been affected by the pandemic, which has forced them to give up their full-time jobs or turn to self-employment to get by.

Administrative jobs have now grown 80% over the past year, according to the report.

Job vacancies by sector

Month after month
21 oct. Versus 21 sept.

From year to year
October 21 vs. October 20
Trades & Services 7.5% 41.8%
Health & Medical 4.4% 42.0%
Hospitality & Tourism 35.5% 104.8%
Manufacturing, transport and logistics 9.4% 65.0%
Information and Communication Technologies 3.3% 68.4%
Education and formation 12.3% 62.4%
Retail 6.3% 80.0%
Administration 11.8% 86.2%
Community support and development 9.7% 37.5%
Construction 6.2% 62.4%

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Jobs by State

Job posting by state.PNG

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