Jobs across Australia hit highest in 2 years

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  • The latest job posting data from Seek saw a 10.2% monthly increase in job listings posted in October.
  • The numbers follow a series of stimulus measures launched by the governments of NSW and Victoria to boost the state’s economic recovery.
  • States have injected millions in an attempt to inject money into the economy through household spending over the summer.
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Australian recruiting firm Seek has recorded its highest levels of job vacancies in the past two years as the country continues on its road to reopening.

It posted a 10.2% month-over-month increase in listed jobs in October, amid a spate of stimulus from the NSW and Victoria governments.

Kendra Banks, chief executive of Seek, said the increase in job vacancies indicated Australia’s economic recovery is well underway, supported by the economic stimulus measures rolled out in recent weeks.

“This was in large part due to the easing of restrictions in our two most populous states, NSW and Victoria, and businesses have welcomed this good news as they prepare for the summer vacation period,” Banks said.

Overall, Seek saw a 63.2% increase in nationwide job postings year-over-year, with the biggest jumps in NSW, ACT and Victoria – at 20.3%, 19% and 16.3% respectively.

NSW and Victoria, both of which eased restrictions in October, including allowing in-person trading for retail and hospitality sites to resume, also drove up listings in those sectors.

Jobs in hospitality and tourism have increased by more than 35%, followed by ads in education and administration, as companies begin to send workers back to the office.

The numbers reflect the recent injection of stimulus into the economies of the country’s two largest cities.

In late October, NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet announced a new stimulus package focused on “pent up” consumer demand statewide and designed to pump money into the economy through household spending.

The $ 2.8 billion stimulus package gave the hotel industry $ 66 million in payments to bars and cafes to encourage them to set up alfresco dining for the summer, along with additional funding for the arts.

The Victorian government launched a similar program, earmarking $ 54.5 million for outdoor spending initiatives.

It will provide grants of $ 2,000 to Victorian businesses, community organizations, nonprofits and traders associations once they spend that amount on outdoor initiatives.

Following an explosion in listed jobs, the site saw a slight drop in job applications, Banks said.

“Having a record number of job postings posted on contributes to a drop in the number of applications per ad,” she said.

Job applications fell 5.4% month over month, the job site reported, which is 44.2% lower than the same period two years ago.

The new job vacancy data also comes amid reports of a skills shortage in many sectors, as closed borders block international workers who traditionally held a range of hospitality and hospitality jobs. retail.

Seek data released in September found that there were 55% more short-term jobs in retail and hospitality reported than in the same period last year, the job reporting that there were 20,000 casual jobs listed on the site and 5,000 of them based in NSW.

Business NSW chief executive Daniel Hunter said in early October that the state needed to open its borders to attract skilled migrant workers to deal with the labor shortage.

“When we entered this lockdown, there was already a shortage of skilled migrants and a general labor shortage,” Hunter said.

“In Australia we rely on immigration and migration for short and long term work, so the key is really to get that rebound back,” he said.

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