JP Morgan Payments integrates Corp. Card in Oracle ERP

JP Morgan Payments is joining Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning as one of the launch partners for Oracle’s new B2B commerce platform, Oracle announced Wednesday.

The integration will allow mutual customers of Oracle and JP Morgan “seamless access to the JP Morgan Payments offering, including improving cash flow insights and helping to expedite business transactions,” said Hubert Hubert, global co-head of corporate sales and e-commerce at JP Morgan Payments. JP Jolly said in a statement. Customers can integrate their JP Morgan Payments tools into Cloud ERP in hours, a process that previously required weeks of technical integration, and automate fundraising, cash disbursement and credit card processing processes, according to Oracle.

Specifically for JP Morgan card customers, the integration provides a “new contactless mobile experience”, in which the ERP receives near real-time authorization data as cards are charged, which in turn can Automatically record, automate and audit business expenses. This eases the approval process and speeds up reimbursement, according to Oracle.

For the platform, Oracle plans connections with other financial services companies as well as insurance companies and delivery services “to digitize the entire B2B commerce process for joint customers,” according to Oracle. Along with JP Morgan Payments, Oracle announced FedEx as an initial partner, through which customers can obtain quotes and shipping and tracking capabilities through ERP.

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