Lack of appointment of copyright authority chairman irritates CHS


The Sindh High Court has sought clarification from the Federal Trade and Law Secretaries on deferment of copyright cases due to the failed appointment of a president for the competent authority. A bench of two judges, including Judge Zafar Ahmed Rajput and Judge Muhammad Faisal Kamal Alam, heard the petition.

The court was furious at the non-appointment of a copyright president for five years. In an exchange of words with the representative of the Attorney General of Pakistan, Judge Rajput said legislation on the matter was completed within two hours, but no appointment had been made for five years. “The real work that needs to be done is on hold because politics are being played out,” Judge Alam noted.

The court ordered that a progress report on the appointment be submitted by January 11, failing which the relevant federal secretary would be summoned in person. The court sought clarification from the mentioned secretaries and ordered the consolidation of copyright.

Court orders cancellation of plots At the same time, CHS ordered the recovery of 4,000 plots illegally occupied by Orangi Baldia Cottage Industries. The same divisional bench heard the case against the illegal occupation of land from Orangi Baldia Town Cottage Industries.

The court noted that obstruction should be dealt with according to the law. KMC’s lawyer argued that around 4,000 small traders were allocated plots, while the revenue board allocated land to other people. KMC officials admitted that much of the land had been encroached. Judge Rajput asked what was to be built on this land. KMC’s lawyer, Hassan Abidi, replied that the land had been allocated to small cottage industries.

The court noted that 4,000 factories would be a source of employment for many people. Judge Rajput added that income would also be generated for Karachi and the province. The court ordered the release of the 4,000 plots. He also ordered the end of all other occupation at Orangi Baldia Industries Cottage.

The CHS called on the government to enlist the help of law enforcement, to evict the illegal occupiers and to set up the industry as soon as possible. He also said the investigation by the chief secretary of Sindh, the Board of Revenue and the KMC is expected to be completed within two days and requested a progress report.

Construction of the line area

In addition, the CHS summoned the deputy director of Jamshed Town and the senior director of the Master Plan Department in a case against illegal construction in the Lines area. A divisional bench, composed of Judge Zafar Ahmed Rajput and Judge Muhammad Faisal Kamal Alam, heard the petition. The applicant’s lawyer, lawyer Zahid Khan, said there was no room for an ambulance in the lines area.

“The wide streets have been reduced to one meter. It is a pity that the people who take the bodies for the funeral face difficulties. The competent authorities should be urged to take measures against illegal constructions,” he said. . The court ordered the deputy director of Jamshed Town and the senior master plan director to appear before it on January 12.

Collection of taxes, fees

In addition, the CHS issued notices for Dec. 16 on a petition against awarding a contract to collect domestic livestock tax and health certificate fees to the alleged leader of a prominent figure in Sindh. Attorney Zameer Hussain Ghumro argued that Rs 300 and Rs 200 per person is charged as a health clearance fee on dairy animals brought to Karachi via the Super Highway, National Highway and Hub River Road.

“This contract has been held by a very influential person from Sindh for 12 years. With the connivance of the Karachi district council, this contract is awarded to the company of Hakim Ali Jaskani at a very low price,” he said. . After hearing the arguments, the court issued a notice to the parties and requested a response.

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