Latest Improvements to Pinewood Bowl Include New Ticket Booth, Spotlight Towers | Music


“It definitely helps us to not have vegetation on either side when we turn the sound off,” Lorenz said. “It will be safer too. “

Once the stage work is completed, the turf just in front of the bowl will be removed and replaced with synthetic turf. This herb is in the shade of the bowl and doesn’t grow well, especially after being trampled on during shows. An irrigation system is also being installed to cover the grassy area of ​​the basin.

The new stage design and turf should allow for more rows of seats in front of the stage. This addition would bring the bowl’s seated gig capacity to 5,000, a key benchmark for attracting tours.

There is one more major improvement to be made to the bowl.

The metal roof that sits atop the two concrete stage walls is not large or sturdy enough to hang the lighting, video boards and other equipment that is an integral part of touring productions today. The old roof is also very rusty and in need of repair.

Replacing the roof won’t come cheap. This future project was not designed either.

“We’ll have to design it in a way that doesn’t detract from the traditional aspects of the bowl,” Lorenz said.

A new roof, upgrades to the VIP section on the east side of the bowl, and other potential projects, like an observation deck on the west side of the bowl, won’t happen immediately.


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