Launch of an advertising campaign to promote tourism jobs

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A recruitment drive has been launched for Manitoba Tourism and Hospitality to recoup the workforce as the province emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Travel Manitoba announced a partnership with the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC), Manitoba Hotel Association (MHA) and Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association (MRFA) to launch the campaign.

The advertising campaign aims to encourage former workers or new entrants to the labor market to explore options in tourism and hospitality. The campaign will include TV ads, print ads, social media and digital advertising.

“Anything that can help us attract workers is critical right now,” MRFA executive director and CEO Shaun Jeffrey said in a press release.

“Many of our members are suffering from labor shortages, as well as supply chain disruptions and rising inflation. This campaign should help prove that the restaurant industry is a high-paying, fun industry worth getting into, especially now.

Travel Manitoba President and CEO Colin Ferguson said the travel and tourism industry has been tougher than most due to the pandemic.

“We really have to be innovative and aggressive in attracting people to what is a thriving and growing industry,” he said. “The demand for travel and catering is there. We just have to accelerate to fill the shortage of personnel in order to be ready and able to meet the demand.

The campaign started on May 5 and will run until June 15.

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