Letter: Granicus is not the answer


In a recent article on Granicus, the short-term rental monitoring and enforcement company, the owner of a local accommodation company Steamboat Springs said, “This 24/7 hotline is going to be huge. Nothing could be further from the truth, and this statement shows a lack of understanding or willingness to recognize the difficult situation residents face with short-term rentals affecting the character, safety and quality of life of their neighborhoods. residential.

Granicus is not a solution to the short term rental and vacation rental problem we have, not even close. Let me tell you why. By the time we residents call Granicus, the evening or the weekend has already been ruined by vacation home tenants. We have already been impacted and had to initiate the police. Granicus won’t stop more vacation home rentals from appearing in our residential areas, they won’t stop the increase in traffic, they won’t stop the anxiety of not knowing who is in rental homes. next weekend, they won’t prevent the quality of life from eroding with a new set of hotel guests coming to the neighborhood every week, and they won’t prevent residents from being first police line. With a constant flow of hotel guests over varying time frames at different vacation home rentals, there will always be problems.

Granicus is reactive, not proactive. We need proactive measures like other mountain city councils have put in place, as reported in Pilot & Today on September 25. Durango, Salida and Avon have caps, and Breckenridge is about to do the same. Salida, Crested Butte, Aspen, Breckenridge, Winter Park, and Avon all collect taxes, with Crested Butte even collecting a 5% excise tax on vacation rentals. Breckenridge, Salida, Winter Park, Avon and Durango short-term rental licenses are all non-transferable. Winter Park recently adopted an incentive program to encourage short-term rental owners to rent their properties to full-time tenants. These cities understand the gravity of the situation and are taking action.

I urge City Council not to be misled into believing that Granicus is the ultimate solution, but to put in place proactive policies that limit the number of short-term rentals and where they can be located.

Mike Koponen

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