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WASHINGTON, DC/ACCESSWIRE/March 8, 2022/ To mark International Women’s Day 2022, today the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) focuses on women’s issues in the Arab and Muslim world. MEMRI Women’s Studies Project researches, reviews, translates and analyzes major Arab and Muslim media sources to report on the status of women, struggles, with the aim of helping to advance and promote women’s rights in the region.


The Women’s Studies Initiative is a major focus of MEMRI Reform project. The Reform Project, established in 2002, identifies and supports reform and human rights advocates in the Arab and Muslim world who speak out against violent extremism, discrimination and anti-Semitism.

The project’s research, translations and analysis highlighting voices of reform in the Arab and Muslim world are crucial resources for keeping policymakers, the media and the general public informed on these issues. Its publication of translations of articles by reformists and videos of reform discussions, as well as analyzes on relevant topics, serves the project’s purpose of giving Arab and Muslim reformists a platform from which to they can reach out to their societies and religions, politicians and education officials, and provide Western policy makers with a solid foundation for long-term strategic plans to support their efforts.


Research on women’s rights defenders

#9810 – Saudi Journalist: Men’s Views That Reject Women’s Rights Should Not Be Accepted

#9559 – Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) reports that its ‘buildings have been occupied by Taliban forces’: ‘We are concerned that the Taliban will not allow female staff to continue to perform their duties’

#9558 – Queen Soraya of Afghanistan: the first Afghan woman to serve as Minister of Education

#9454 – Kurdish Journalist: Women’s Liberation Ignored the Arab World

#9197 – Kuwaiti Morning Show Looks at ‘Honor Killings’ – Syrian Journalist Lin Al-Atrash: Some Girls Bring Family Shame and Deserve to be Beaten’; Tunisian journalist Safa Jabou: Violence is never the answer

#9194 – Yemeni women’s rights activist Nada Al-Ahdal’s participation in Qatari marriage conference sparks outcry

#9267 – Jordanian parliament debate on constitutional amendment regarding womens rights turns into a fight

#8933 – Women in Gaza protest against the murder of Estabrag Baraka, 18, beaten to death by her husband, and demand the death penalty: We want Estabrag to be the last oppressed woman

#8907 – Saudi Islamic Scholar Ahmed Al-Ghamdi: Women Should Be Appointed Judges, Muftis, Lawyers; I support women who are part of the Shura Authority in Saudi Arabia

#1607 – Syrian women’s organizations and women’s rights activists: Turkish-backed Islamic opposition organizations incite against us, putting our lives at risk

#1605 – A memorandum of understanding signed with the UN on the promotion of women’s rights sparks opposition in Libya

#1601 – After no women were elected in Qatar’s first parliamentary elections, Qatari public figures and journalists blame ‘tribal patriarchal society’

Research on extremist opposition to women’s rights

#9411 – Palestinian Islamic Scholar Yousef Makharzah: Don’t Let Your Disobedient Wife Destroy Your Honor – Beat Her If You Must; Men are inherently superior to women

#9452 – Dr. Ziyad Miqdad, Head of the Fatwa Committee at the Islamic University of Gaza: Like a father beating his son, or a mother beating his daughter, wife beating should be therapeutic, not vindictive

#9359 – Ahmad Karima, professor of Islamic law at Egypt’s Al-Azhar University: Islam allows wife beating as a disciplinary measure, but it’s not a religious duty

#9338 – Syrian Quran reciter Zaki Al-Asali On MB TV: Polygamy serves women’s interests, ensures they have a husband; I married a second, a third wife because I love my first wife so much

#9315 – Islamic scholar from Texas Abdulrazzak Junaid: Feminism aims to enslave women in capitalist society; Islam has given women their rights to a level that no Western society can match

#9244 – Iraqi Tribal Leader Mzahim Ahmed Alhwait: It is Permissible to Rape the Wives of ISIS Members; We will do to them what they did to us; International human rights organizations help ISIS

#9154 – Palestinian Islamic scholar Sheikh Abd Al-Bari Khilla: Women can be judges but not in cases of Islamic punishment – ​​they can’t stand to watch beheadings and could speak out against flogging

#9106 – Egyptian Islamic scholar Dr. Yosry Gabr on beating his wife in Islam: If she is mean and does not want to understand – Beat her to instill discipline, but not in public

#8982 – Dr. Ziyad Miqdad, Head of the Fatwa Committee at the Islamic University of Gaza: Like a father beating his son, or a mother beating his daughter, wife beating should be therapeutic, not vindictive

#8951 – Palestinian Islamic scholar Mraweh Nassar: Western society attacks Islam for sanctioning polygamy, but it is full of infidelity; Christian monks would fornicate with nuns and kill their fetuses

#264 – Counter-rallies of Islamist groups in Pakistan on the occasion of International Women’s Day

Jihad And Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) reports [for subscribers only]

Pro-Al-Qaeda Sudanese cleric: Women seeking education are imitation of the West, a blow to modesty

After the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fired at women and children in Al-Hol camp, ISIS supporters threaten the SDF and vow to liberate the camp

Women’s magazine Pro-Al-Qaeda publishes an article on bitcoin by jihadist ideologue Abu Qatadah Al-Filastini

Afghan Taliban leader’s executive order on women’s rights avoids talking about women’s inclusion in government ministries

Taliban Magazine: The West Defends Women’s Rights Only To Abuse Women; Pro-Taliban women’s protests prove occupation efforts to corrupt women have been futile

The cover story of a pro-Qaeda women’s magazine describes the US withdrawal from Afghanistan as a military and moral defeat for the entire West

An article in a pro-Al-Qaeda women’s magazine denounces the West’s focus on Afghan women’s rights as hypocritical, part of the ‘war between Zionists and Crusaders’ against Islam

French women in Syria renounce citizenship: we left France to practice Islam freely, we no longer want to be French

Prominent pro-ISIS writer Ahlam Al-Nasr calls on Muslim women to actively support ISIS and abide by Sharia rules when communicating with men

A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media group defends the practice of publishing material written by women

Pro-Al-Qaeda women’s magazine calls for support for Rohingya Muslims during Ramadan, condemns secularism as ‘evil’ way to thwart Sharia, says France’s proposed hijab ban and ‘parade of pharaohs’ “Egyptians are part of the war against Islam

Syrian Opposition Website: Hezbollah Brigades Create Women’s Unit in Eastern Syria

Pro-ISIS Media Groups Launch Campaign to Free Women Detained in Syria Refugee Camps

Idlib-based jihadist group claims IED attack on Turkish military convoy to ‘revenge Muslim women who were insulted for wearing the niqab’

ISIS steps up new tactic: targeting women in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan

Telegram channel raises money for women detained in Al-Hol camp in Syria, shares photo of money, food and asks for more donations

ISIS executes six family members, including two women, accused of spying for the PMU

Following the murder of three female journalists, the Islamic State claims to have killed a female ‘spy’ in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Pro-Al-Qaeda women’s magazine urges Muslims to help Uyghurs through Jihad against China, boycotting Chinese goods

National Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM) reports [for subscribers only]

Live International Neo-Nazi Participants Discuss Holocaust Denial and Participation of Women and Children in Group Events

Incels celebrate shooting in Plymouth, UK including killing of children, blame women for causing attack, call for more attacks

Neo-Nazis Discuss Social Media Censorship, COVID-19 Vaccine, Encourage Membership of White Supremacist Groups; Claiming that white women are “enemies of the movement”

Incels discuss self-identified ‘Incel’ with US military formation which is accused of attempting to mass shoot women

A female member of a neo-Nazi group organizes support for prisoners

Neo-Nazi woman, administrator of an anti-Semitic Telegram channel and member of a white supremacist group, arrested for aggravated harassment and graffiti

Despite Platform Ban, Online Neo-Nazi Beauty Pageant Returns; The best competitors come from the United States and Europe


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