Maxwell Farms Regional Park renovation budget approved by supervisors

Start of development work in August

The Board of Supervisors today approved an additional $3.35 million needed to complete $7.2 million in renovations and improvements to recreation facilities at Maxwell Farms Regional Park, a popular regional park located in Boyes Hot Springs , next to the city of Sonoma. The funding will enable the completion of the first phase of Maxwell Farms’ master plan, which includes the construction of a new all-weather baseball field, a new all-weather football field and an expanded parking lot, including improvements for ADA accessibility.

New funds approved today include $1.65 million from District 1 Community Infrastructure Project Funds, $1 million from a state grant, $500,000 from Parks Measure M Category 3 and $202,045 from Park Mitigation Fees Area 6. Project funding also includes $1.4 million. approved by the oversight board during the 2022-23 budget hearings in June.

“The renovation and improvements at Maxwell Farms is a long overdue project that we are proud to support,” said Supervisor Susan Gorin, whose District 1 encompasses the park. “I am excited about this first phase of the project which will expand park facilities that Sonoma Valley residents will be able to enjoy for generations.”

Maxwell Farms Regional Park was developed in 1988. Over the years, the 85-acre park has provided residents of Sonoma Valley and the City of Sonoma with a variety of recreational opportunities in one of the unincorporated areas in densest urbanized society in the county.

Sonoma County Regional Parks updated the master plan – the document that guides park development and stewardship – for the park in 2019 in response to strong community interest, increased population and demographic change. The improvements also address the deferred maintenance needs of the park as well as the loss of an adjacent local ball diamond, which necessitated an overhaul of Maxwell’s grounds to meet increased demand.

The master plan supports the community’s vision for the park to meet current and future recreational needs while maintaining and enhancing the natural resource values ​​of the floodplain and riparian environments along Sonoma Creek.

The approved funding supports the construction of priority projects as the first phase of master plan implementation:

A new all-weather baseball field

A new all-weather soccer field

Two new sanitary and concession buildings

Extensive parking, including ADA accessible parking

Parking lot lighting improvements

Accessible routes

Picnic areas and seats

The new pitches are designed to reduce Maxwell’s overall water footprint, with sports pitches converted to artificial turf and the addition of a modern irrigation system and water catchment system storms. Work will also focus heavily on parking improvements in the form of parking capacity expansion, ADA accessible parking and trails, crosswalks on Verano Avenue, improving community safety in this area.

Additionally, this phase will provide an expanded park entrance to better accommodate emergency vehicles and buses and to better facilitate drop-offs and pickups at the Boys and Girls Club, located in the center of the park.

“We are pleased that this reinvestment project is underway, thanks to Supervisor Gorin’s leadership and collaboration with the community and our partners,” said Bert Whitaker, Sonoma County Regional Parks Manager. “These priority improvements improve safety and expand opportunities for recreational and healthy programs in the Springs area.”

Funding previously approved for this first phase of construction includes:

$1.4 million approved by the oversight board in the 2022-23 budget hearings

$925,899 from Recreational Infrastructure Improvement and State Parks Revenue Grant

$250,000 Ag + Open Space District Matching Grant

$125,000 in funding from the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation

$972,933 in Parks Measure M Category 2 funding

$65,000 in Parks Mitigation Zone 6 funds

$130,000 in disability access funds from the General Fund

$57,067 from a community development block grant

The Board of Supervisors this month awarded the construction contract to Bauman Landscape and Construction Inc. Construction will begin in August and is expected to continue through the summer of 2023, weather and emergencies permitting. The new facilities are expected to open soon after.

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