New world players want a solution to Azoth’s cap and travel costs


New World features immense distances between key locations and incredible costs to traverse them, which has led players to ask for more Azoth.

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Amazon Game Studios’ first MMO, New world, celebrates its first month from its release tomorrow, and it has already broken some records. On release day, servers weren’t ready to handle over 700,000 players logging into the game to try it out after months of waiting and beta testing, but Amazon quickly added new servers in just two. days to compensate for that. However, New world is far from a game without issues or things that need to be addressed and fixed to improve the overall experience.

An example comes precisely from a problem with the server, one related to server transfers and how they allowed New world players to duplicate gold. Those who exploited this were ultimately banned and the server forwarding option was temporarily disabled in order to prevent the bug from spreading. Another example comes from the difficulty of keeping a decent stack of Azoth, given that it is a capped resource and the costs are so high in the current state of play.

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Indeed, the situation of Cape Azoth has been mentioned a lot by the community in recent weeks, and especially now that many players have reached level 60, either without ever killing anything or by more classic means. As such, a Reddit user by the name of -shylo- shared a post that the travel tax that must be paid to Azoth has made the game less fun for them. This comes from the fact that New world has no mounts, and players either have to walk immense distances or pay incredible amounts of Azoth per Fast Travel, depending on what they can afford.

This is bad as it takes a long time to bring Azoth back to the ceiling, but the resource is also used for crafting or respecing, which a lot of people do. Things are made even worse by New worldOccupying the territories by the faction because belonging to a different faction than the one controlling the fast travel destination will increase the cost. In addition, the distance to the destination and the weight also affect the cost.

Fast travel costs are so bad that some players find it more convenient to leave their New world characters die from walking back to town or paying ridiculous fees. As such, New world players are asking for changes to this mechanic or at least a huge increase in Azoth’s cap.

New world is available now on PC.

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