NYS Presents New Travel Videos for Returning Post-COVID Visitors


As New York’s tourism industry struggles, Albany and Washington are investing money to prepare for the effects of COVID to finally subside and possibly the full reopening of the Canadian border.

Just watch some of the TV commercials Empire State Development has aired recently to show how important tourism is to New York City, from Niagara Falls to the Panama Rocks to the Empire State Building. Millions of dollars have been spent on announcements, industry tourism promotion meetings, even on Zoom, and career fairs for potential employees.

“It has become clear to us that since the pandemic, there is increased interest, especially among international travelers, in outdoor recreation opportunities. And, of course, New York State has plenty of offerings. in this area, ”said Executive Director of Tourism Ross Levi. meeting of the State Tourism Advisory Council on Monday. “So (Mark Lane) and his team set up this marketplace to take advantage of wholesalers looking for additional products to offer, especially in the outdoor space.”

Levi said the state is turning the machinery on to be ready when tourists flock, whether they are from Europe, Asia or Canada.

“There are certainly improvements in tourism, from the depths of the pandemic. But we are certainly not yet where we want to be and where we need to be.” said Levi. “Many of you have heard the news that travel restrictions for fully vaccinated international travelers are being lifted by the federal government, starting in November. This is great news. We hope it helps areas like New York City. and Greater Niagara. “

“We miss our neighbors to the north, so we want to make sure they feel welcome,” said Advisory Board Chair Christyne Nicholas. “Even when the borders are open, we want to make sure they feel safe coming into New York State and all around.”

Levi said the state is working with educational programs that can train workers for jobs in the tourism industry, to prepare them as the number of visitors increases.

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