The movements – the majority at the beginning of this year – in the governments of Alfredo del Mazo, in the State of Mexico, and Miguel Riquelme, in Coahuila, agree with those who assure that Edomex will have female candidates, and in this entity They will be men. As many kicks as Morena, everything indicates that it will be so. Even the same brunettes want to revive Delfina Gómez as a candidate. It is useless while Morena, UDC and any other party exhaust themselves in contesting the constitutional reform of gender parity of this entity.


At the CFE, of Manuel Bartlett, they are very suspicious. First they threw everything at the Prodemi calling it corrupt. They don’t say anything new, but the accuser has an obligation to verify it. They also say that there is a local character -they are referring to someone from the Carboniferous region- who is extorting coal producers and that they will soon be pressing charges -we assume for the crime it will be criminal-, however they do not divulge details to locate the subject. The entire issue was put together at a press conference called by Luis Bravo.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is no gold coin, but after breaking the law by talking about the private affairs of journalist Carlos Loret, concern has spread across all sectors. In the journalists’ guild, because everyone is at the mercy of presidential power. But what is serious is that alerts have been launched in the business sector, or rather among investors and foreign capital. We are talking about those who have decided to bring their money to generate through factories, jobs and development. They see absurdities in relations with the United States and Spain, and a vulgar political program.


In Torreón, by Román Cepeda, they made the decision not to collect money, but rather to coordinate, to avoid deaths and accidents among young people, especially now on February 14. The agreement is that the catering industry, as well as clubs and bars, will encourage those who arrive by public transport, understand the taxi or the app, because in this way it is guaranteed that they will not will not drive. There will also be a voluntary breathalyzer in some clubs and it will be up to the customer whether or not to drive. Anti-alcohol operations will continue, but preventively, not to raise money as with Jorge Zermeño.


There are signs that fairs in various municipalities in Coahuila are going to be reactivated this year. In San Buenaventura, they say they want the full program, with no cuts and no restrictions, only what the pandemic protocol dictates. But the visit of the singer Julión Álvarez to the region was also surprising, to meet several people, including the mayor of Monclova, Mario Dávila. Julión is one of the spoiled artists of the San Buena Fair. If he’s in the area, he means they see possibilities for reactivation of massive events.


Since we are in the Central Region, in Monclova, the Informative Assembly of the Electricity Reform was held, promoted by Morena and at the initiative of the President. Several speakers have tried to convince that this is the best thing that can happen to the country, to eliminate the corruption in which “The mafia of power” has plunged the Mexican electricity system. Diego del Bosque’s Morena’s power of summoning is almost nil, and even more so when it comes to topics that ordinary people don’t even understand. Anyway, they do their little fight.


In the administration of Everardo Durán, in Arteaga, an attempt was made to create a register of cabin owners, due to the large number of frauds. People rented a non-existent cabin via social media. The register was completely unfinished. Now says Ramiro Durán – nephew, heir to Everardo and son of Chuy, who is also mayor – that they will register as “cabañeros”, because the frauds are back. Nobody dares to guide him since he has to modify or create a regulation. Of their own free will, cottage tenants are not at risk of being targeted by the lodging tax.


For the third consecutive year, the administration of Miguel Riquelme will sign the Coahuila Pact on Tuesday, and aims for economic recovery, which remains necessary, and social peace, which prevails in the entity. This pact, in which the three powers, trade unions and workers’ organizations participate, but above all the employers’ sector, has borne fruit. Coahuila is a reference for attracting investment, its automotive industry is a leader in exports and as if that were not enough, job creation has reached local records. It is a bet not to be missed.

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