Q&A: Get to know the candidates for Brazoria County Commissioner 2 ahead of the primary election

Highlighted in green, Brazoria County Precinct 2 (Brazori County Geographic Information System screenshot)

There are two Republican candidates vying for Brazoria County 2 commissioner; no Democrats ran for the seat.

The primary will take place on March 1 and early voting will take place from February 14-25. The winner of the March primaries will be on the ballot in the November 8 general election.

Candidates’ responses may have been edited for length and clarity.

*Indicates holder

Ryan Cade*

Occupation: Brazoria County Precinct 2 Commissioner

Experience: more than seven years as a commissioner; small business and ranch owner with regulatory and environmental experience



Why did you choose to run for Brazoria County Commissioner 2?

We’ve been through so much as a county, and working hand-in-hand with citizens during Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts, pandemics and freezes, you realize how important “community” really is. . I believe that “to whom we give a lot, we ask a lot”, and this riding has given me so much. That’s why I’m committed to making sure it remains the best county to live in. [in] and raise a family.

If you are elected, what are your main priorities?

There are two quality of life factors that keep coming up as priorities for voters: security and taxes. Our office is committed to supporting our law enforcement and ensuring they have the resources they need. Despite recent challenges, the Court of Commissioners has lowered the county’s tax rate in each of the seven years I have served, and we pledge to do the same in our next term.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing District 2 in Brazoria County?

Growth is coming and must be managed wisely. We need to make sure that security, taxes, drainage and transportation don’t become issues. Look at our neighboring counties. Some have managed growth better than others. Some have been proactive in ensuring that essential services were sufficient for current citizens first and that the capacity for expansion was there before growth became too rapid, and we must learn from this and manage our growth with wisdom.

Is there anything else you would like potential voters to know?

In summary, I would say again that I am used to showing up and being available when the residents of Precinct 2 need their commissioner. If you speak to the county employees and community leaders we speak with every day, they will tell you that our office has been and will continue to be committed to meeting their needs every day.

Dan Davis

Occupation: Member of the municipal council of Manvel

Experience: helping others by working in the private sector, serving Manvel as a member of the city council, addressing public policy challenges



Why did you choose to run for Brazoria County Commissioner 2?

I am running for Brazoria County Commissioner to give our community the representation and leadership it deserves. For too long we have had a commissioner who has been disconnected from the people and needs of our county. In my three years on the Manvel City Council, I have shown that I am passionate about getting out into the community to hear from our residents and solve the biggest issues facing Brazoria County.

If you are elected, what are your main priorities?

My main priorities are simple but important for the future of our county. First, I want to introduce new, proactive leadership to county government. Second, I pledge to reduce our runaway property taxes, not just the tax rate, to help our hard-working families. Third, I will implement policies that will increase transparency and accountability. And finally, I will support our police officers, firefighters and [Emergency Medical Services, or EMS] professionals to keep our community safe.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing District 2 in Brazoria County?

The biggest and most pressing issue facing Brazoria County residents is the loss of control over property taxes. The current rulers had the opportunity to offer real tax relief by lowering our taxes, and he refused. I am committed to providing meaningful tax relief by reducing our taxes and lowering the tax rate. This will help families during this difficult time and ensure our neighbors don’t have to sell their homes because they can’t afford to live here.

Is there anything else you would like potential voters to know?

I am a staunch Christian conservative and a devoted father and husband. Our family chose to put down roots here in Brazoria County because we believe it is the best community in Texas. This county is special and we are proud to call it home. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve you as the next full-time County Commissioner in Precinct 2, and humbly ask for your vote on March 1.

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