Sioux City Council Approves $ 200,000 Contribution to Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau | Government and Politics


Tim Savona, CEO of Spectra and member of the SCRCVB board of directors, said 12 or 13 hotels have signed up and the office “is actively raising money from just over half of them. them”.

Before the vote, Scott said he was “not inclined to overfund something when all the money has not been used before”.

“(CVRSB) spent $ 40,000 less, it seems to me, than what we proposed. So why should we overfund this as well? Scott said.

Savona noted that the office had recently hired an executive director, Kristi Franz, and is expected to start looking for a second person within the next 30 to 60 days. Ron Bower, the first office worker who joined the group in January as destination director for tourism, has resigned from his post.



“This budget cycle, we will actually have two full-time employees, where we also provide benefits. Previously, we weren’t doing that,” Savona said. “We had an employee at manager level, instead of director level. There are two examples where we see significant expenses popping up as we continue to grow. “

Savona also noted that the SCRCVB currently has over $ 30,000 allocated to event engagements. He said the office previously helped organize two city events at two different properties and wrote pledges with three or four more events coming up in early 2022.

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