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US House panel to examine Big Tech’s antitrust bills amid fierce criticism

the House Judiciary Committee to Consider Set of Six Antitrust Bills Wednesday many aimed to curb Great technology, with heated debate expected on both sides of the issue. There has been a wave of opposition directed against the most sweeping reform bills, including from the powerful United States Chamber of Commerce, Inc, Apple Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Facebook, for example, argued that the bills underestimate foreign competition and “are a poison pill for the US tech industry at a time when our economy can least afford it.” .

Each of the bills has multiple Democratic and Republican co-sponsors, and each has sparked opposition, or at least concern, from members of both political parties. Eight Democrats in the US House of Representatives wrote to the House leadership and the Judiciary Committee last week, urging them to delay the vote.

Republicans Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows said in an opinion piece that “these bills will wreak bureaucratic havoc on conservative values, speech and free enterprise.” A White House official said US President Joe Biden believes action is needed to protect privacy, generate more innovation and address other issues created by major technology platforms.

Two of the bills address the issue of giant companies, such as Amazon and Google, creating a platform for other companies, and then competing with those same companies. One would require the competing company to be sold while the other would require platforms to refrain from favoring their own businesses.

A third bill would require a platform for refrain from any merger unless it demonstrates that the acquired company is not in competition with it. A fourth would require that platforms allow users to transfer their data elsewhere. The latter two would increase the budgets of antitrust authorities and ensure that antitrust cases brought by state attorneys general stay in whatever court they choose.

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