Subsidies will worsen the crisis in child care. Empower Families to Solve it Instead | Chroniclers

Before the pandemic, it could be difficult to find quality child care. Now it is even more difficult.

Parents of young children are told to return to work, only to find that countless daycares are closed. For many families, this is a crisis.

Sadly, President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan would keep it that way.

As currently drafted, the plan would introduce unprecedented federal spending on early childhood care and education. It would fund preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds and subsidize childcare costs so that no family earning $ 300,000 a year or less pays more than 7% of their income for other forms of childcare. child care.

A New York Times columnist calls it “revolutionary.” That is, in the sense that it is unprecedented for fiscal recklessness.

The Biden administration says universal kindergarten would prepare children for success in school and that childcare subsidies would increase women’s participation in the labor market “driving economic growth.” Unfortunately, that wouldn’t do either. In fact, that’s about the only thing this proposal would make the child care crisis worse.

Why? Because the proposal would significantly increase the already huge regulatory burden on suppliers. This would force key pre-K teachers to hold bachelor’s degrees, match salaries to unionized teachers, and impose maximum teacher-to-child ratios, among other provisions.

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