Thailand promotes tourism with series of movie trailers

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a new tourism campaign through BBDO Bangkok called “Write Your New Chapter” – which is actually three chapters, in the form of movie trailers, each with a unique story to tell.

The first film is the thriller genre with something of a disturbing creature, we assume a shark, threatening a family’s vacation. It rolls up with whatever was in the water, casting a shadow on the boat as it hovers above it.

The second features a couple enjoying a road trip through Thailand when suddenly the man receives a call from another woman who upsets his romantic travel companion. Here too there is a happy ending.

The latest film delves into the sci-fi genre with three characters chasing their alter egos across the multiverse, and hey, what do you know, Thailand has cemented a place there.

“When we pitched this project, we told the client that we weren’t coming here to pitch against other agencies… but to pitch against other countries. Travelers must revisit Thailand to see that nature, hotels and restaurants have come back to life,” said Thasorn Boonyanate, Creative Director at BBDO Bangkok.

“People love recording special moments on their phone, whether it’s an Instagram story or a Facebook video. Much like movie genres, what they capture can be adventure, romance, or pure comedy. Inspired by our campaign and using tools like our new filters, we want them to take on the role of film producers, create and tell their stories and share this chapter of their lives with the world.

“We want to inspire tourists to explore our wonderful country and create their own amazing chapters while there and show these films not just with their friends and family, but with the rest of the world,” said Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of STAT.


Client: Tourism Board of Thailand

Agency: BBDO Bangkok
Creative Director: Thasorn Boonyanate
Creative Director: Rook Floro
Artistic Director: Narakorn Puechngen
Editor: Greepol Boonsrangsom
Group Commercial Director: Taksina Vasaruchapong
Commercial Director: Pattama Thienapirak
Account Manager: Kavinthip Chaiteerakij
Account Manager: Natthaka Musigrungsri
Agency producer: Toungrak Jiravatanarungsri
Head of Brand and Digital Planning: Prasit Kunanuphanchai
Head of Strategic Planning: Maipimol Suepayak

Director: Tul Nutdanai Pombanta
Executive Producers: Thay Littichai x Arunwan So
Producer: Luk Luksawan
Cinematographer: Jaji Jajison
2nd DOP (submarine): Tatchai Eakkhattiyakorn
AD: Praewpan Rungsub
Artistic Director: Luksamee Endoo, Mod Hery
Camera: Brandlink Co. Ltd.
2nd camera unit: Setthawut Samathimongkol
Post-producer: A$D
Publisher: Wisarut Deelorm

Post-production: MiniP post-production
Colorist: Nuttacha Khajornkaitsakul
Online Artist: Ekkasit Pratchayapinanth
Producer: Kanta Shovityakool

Sound production company: Mellowtunes
Music Composer: Siwat B Homkham
Sound engineer: Artit Vongmetta


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