The new era of the X-Men begins with a hilarious touring video for Mutant Nation

To celebrate the new era of the X-Men, Marvel released a hilarious tourist ad for the mutant nation of Krakoa, as an introduction to new readers.

To celebrate the end of an era for the x-men and the beginning of a brand new, Marvel Comics released an instantly iconic animated tourist commercial for the island of Krakoa, encouraging all mutants to join. Over the past two years, Marvel has successfully relaunched the set x-men franchise, led by X-Architect Jonathan Hickman, thanks to the release of House of X/Powers of X, Dawn of Xand Reign of X. Now, the mutant nation of Krakoa enters its final phase, “Destiny of X”, which will see most of the X-Titles relaunched with new team members and exciting new adventures. New travel ads mark this momentous moment and are the perfect way to introduce new readers to the mutating nation.


The founding of Krakoa was truly a game-changer for the entire Marvel Universe, with the rise of mutants to rulers of the “Sol System” occurring at such a rapid pace that governments, rulers, and non-mutant heroes of the world can barely keep going. The past two years have seen so many iconic moments for the X-Men, including the Hellfire gala, the terraforming of Mars, and the literal abolition of death…but the real star of the series has been the development and growth of the mutant caused by their relationship with the living island Krakoa. Not only did Krakoa create a safe haven for all mutants, but he helped create the wildly innovative technology now used by mutants as well as the healing medicine that the nation bartered with the rest of the human world.

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With all the intense and complex storylines that have developed throughout the X-Titles (like X-Factor, X-Force, X-Corp, X-Men, Way of X, Marauders, Hellionsand others), it’s no wonder Marvel wants to give fans an easily accessible way to introduce them to Krakoa and the new mutant status quo. wonderthe incredible tourist advertisement of , with the slogan “Krakoa: The best place to be a mutant”, was produced by Noah Sterling, written by Max Dweck, narrated by Bill Butts, with animation by Lucy Animation Studio, and calls to mind classic Hanna-Barbera artistic designs. The short video manages to pack many important information about Krakoa, all of which are essential for new fans to understand the new “Destiny of X” era of mutants.

Krakoa’s tourist video is positioned as an advertisement for reluctant mutants, or mutants who are just discovering their X-Gene and abilities, who may not know all of the amazing things Krakoa has to offer. The video highlights some of the country’s top teams such as Captain Kate Pryde’s Marauders, who rescue mutants in need of rescue, as well as the new X-Men team, where you can”find an actionon the island if you’re tired of hanging out at the Green Lagoon bar. The ad also reminds potential new citizens of Krakoan that if they join the X-Men and die fighting for the greater good, mutants can easily resurrecting them into a new one While the video shows Krakoa in a very good light (even poking fun at Mister Sinister’s ethically dubious habit of manipulating genes), in reality the nation of Krakoa isn’t just bubbles and sun.

Krakoa’s governing body, the Silent Council, doesn’t just lie to all of its inhabitants about how Krakoa was founded. It also casts mutants who break their rules in “The Hole”, has an X-Force team that literally committed genocide on an entire nation, and is home to ancient villains who have caused serious damage to the world, to humanity. and other mutants. The mutant’s future is still up in the air, as the latest upheaval caused by Hell upset the domestic politics of the nation. There have even been hints that the evil, anti-mutant organization Orchis will eventually destroy the nation as a whole. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read all the Hickmans x-men titles over the past couple of years, or if you’re about to dive into the mutant depths, be sure to check out the fun, egg-filled tourist video for the nation of Krakoa created by Marvel Comics.

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