Thousands Hit Alabama’s Roads for Spring Break

CHILTON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – Thousands of people hit the roads of central Alabama on Friday, marking the official start of spring break for families.

At the Chilton County Rest Area on I-65 South, drivers took a short break between trips to their vacation destinations.

“We wanted to get out of the cold Michigan and we know Destin is a nice place,” Charlie Mann said. “It was bumper-to-bumper Detroit until we got down to this rest area. I’ve never seen traffic like that in my life.

Friday was the Mann family’s first trip since the pandemic began two years ago.

Congestion and construction were common Friday on highways across the country, according to motorists at the Clanton Rest Area.

Even with this higher traffic volume, many families said driving was the most affordable option.

“The price of plane tickets was much higher this time,” Heather Roberts said. “Cheaper here than they were in Michigan, so not as bad here.”

Ultimately, these motorists said it was important that these trips take place, even if gas prices are high.

“It doesn’t look like [gas prices] slowed somebody else down,” Mark Traugh said. “They’re all on the highway.”

AAA spokesman Clay Ingram said high gas prices generally don’t impact spring break travel plans because overall it’s been a small part of their budget. He said they were finding a way to cut back to continue making these trips.

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