Tourism Whitsundays & Wavemaker team up for innovative, tech-intensive tourism campaign

Tourism Whitsundays is putting a unique spin on media executions as part of the new ‘Wonders of the Whitsundays’ campaign, featuring Siri on the big screen, ASMR and hyper-contextual audio ads.

The new campaign was created by Wavemaker and includes a TOYP cinema sponsorship – the familiar “turn off your phone” message played before a film starts – in Palace Cinemas nationwide until the end of March. .

Voiced by Apple’s iconic Siri, the spot reminds moviegoers to put their phones on airplane mode, while urging them to put themselves in airplane mode too – taking a trip to the relaxing sights and silence of the Whitsundays.

Additionally, a series of three ASMR videos are broadcast on Australia’s largest youth-focused publisher, PEDESTRIAN.TV, via a bespoke Windows of Wonder hub, with each video providing an invaluable view of a different place in the Whitsundays.

A monthly national promotion gives one lucky reader the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Whitsundays to experience the IRL window.

Additionally, as part of the PEDSTRIAN.TV partnership, a content series – “Wake Up To Wonder” – delves deeper into locations and integrates flight API details to deliver value and a unique price for streamline the booking process.

The campaign is topped off with a dynamic audio component on Spotify, delivering hyper-contextual audio to users in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane based on time of day, experience and location in real time.

“Holidays in the Whitsundays is a unique and unparalleled experience and we wanted our audience to get as close to what it is as possible, without us physically lifting them up and carrying them there,” said Tim Harper, customer partner at Wavemaker. Russell.

“Exploring various media options was an important aspect of surprising and inspiring people to take the next step and immerse themselves in the beauty of this part of the world.”

Tourism Whitsundays CEO Rick Hamilton said the ‘Wonders of The Whitsundays’ campaign has continued to grow with exciting new marketing activities capturing previously untapped audiences.

“Using the instantly recognizable voice of SIRI with vibrant visuals of the region, viewers will be inspired to book their Whitsundays vacation and enjoy all that our destination has to offer,” he said.

“Tourism Whitsundays will continue to think outside the box and implement new marketing activations to entice holidaymakers everywhere to visit the Whitsundays, the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.”


Tourism Whitsundays

Rick Hamilton – CEO

Donna van ‘t Hoff – Marketing Manager

Alyssa Turner – Marketing Coordinator

wave maker

· Tim Harper-Russell – Client Partner

Lily Nielsen – Client Partner

Sam Chadwick – Associate Director of Ecommerce and Digital

Dani Davies – Client Manager

Kate Piercy – Performance Manager

Palace Cinemas

Ally Latimer – National Partnerships Manager

Val Morgan

Gillian Black – Senior Account Manager


Anna Lawrence – Executive Producer

Simon Knox – Director of Photography

Angélique Voulgaris – Creative Project Manager


Ashley Maroun – Sales Manager

· Annie Hugo – Group Sales Manager

Karen Jacobsen, the voice of “Siri”

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