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The initiative will help inspire future talent to enter the hospitality industry

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Published: Fri 22 April 2022, 15:59

A new campaign has been launched to increase the number of UAE nationals in the hospitality and tourism sector. Medyaf, an industry nationalization initiative at Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), which is part of the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, has launched the ‘Explore the Tourism Industry in Dubai’ initiative, announced DCT on Friday.

The initiative, according to a press release, is designed to equip Emirati talent seeking to join the tourism workforce with fundamental knowledge and skills through an immersive program of interactive workshops, field trips, professional experience and practical training.

Medyaf was established in 2016 to help attract, train and encourage UAE citizens to take on tourism roles in the tourism ecosystem.

As part of the initiative, two workshops were organized by Medyaf last month; the first was held at the Al Seef Heritage Hotel and had 10 participants, while the second was held at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah and had 11 participants.

Both workshops contained theoretical and practical activities in an engaging and interactive environment, and gave participants the opportunity to learn about hotel operations, hospitality and the fundamentals of culinary arts, as well as training practice.


Mariam Al Maeeni, Director of Industry Nationalization at Dubai College of Tourism, said: “We are delighted to launch the Medyaf ‘Explore the Tourism Industry in Dubai’ initiative, inspired by the tireless efforts of our leadership. visionary to stimulate the economy by providing opportunities. Emirati talents to excel in all sectors.

She said: “The initiative is also in line with Medyaf’s important role in supporting the UAE’s nationalization of industry strategy, which aims to support and strengthen Emirati talent and increase the number of nationals of the United Arab Emirates entering the tourism sector”.

Al Maeeni explained that Medyaf is a comprehensive public-private collaboration that includes a plethora of immersive workshops, training events and industry activities contributing to the growth of the tourism sector, in addition to supporting the diversification of the national economy.

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