World Record Academy Best Corporate Event 2021: CapitaLand Ltd. Singapore

SINGAPORE–Capital Land Ltd. Singapore won the “World Record Academy’s”2021 Corporate Event Awards” the honor, after having established the world record of the
Longest playable string musical instrument,
according to WORLD RECORD ACADEMY; a world record project that has stood out for its originality, creativity and execution of the highest quality, thanks to very good event organizers, competent and dedicated to customers, exactly the type of partners we are looking for and support the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY.

Singapore’s Largest Condominium Project, Leedon, Near Farrer Road, Got America’s Got Talent’s
Guillaume Close playing The Earth Harp which stretched from the roof of the Leedon’s clubhouse to another tower at the other end; the length of one of its longest ropes measures 291.71 meters, setting the new world record for
Longest playable string musical instrument

Photo above: CapitaLand Limited set a new world record as William Close played his new piece entitled Mini Symphony For The Earth Harp on the instrument.

CAPITALAND‘S of Leedon hosted the Earth Harp, the world’s longest playable stringed musical instrument ever, at the development celebration party. There, Lim Ming Yan, Chairman and CEO of the
Capital Land Limitedpulled the strings of the Earth Harp with musician William Close (above).

D’Leedon is Singapore’s largest private residential development to date and the first high-rise residential project designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

About Capital Land Development

CapitaLand Development (CLD) is the development arm of CapitaLand Group, with a portfolio of approximately S$22.0 billion as of September 30, 2021.

Inasmuch asFocusing on its core markets of Singapore, China and Vietnam, CLD’s well-established property development capabilities span various asset classes, including integrated developments, retail, office, accommodation, residential, business parks, industry, logistics and data centers. His strong expertise in town planning, land use planning and project execution has earned him numerous accolades including the Building and Construction Authority Quality Award of Excellence and the Excellence Award of FIABCI.

About Leedon

of Leedon is located in a privileged sector of District 10, on the outskirts of a Good Class Bungalow enclave. It’s a short drive to Dempsey Hill and Holland Village, and the myriad food and drink options they both offer.

Being just a 5 minute walk from Farrer Park on the Circle Line, d’Leedon is also ideally located for those commuting to the CBD on a daily basis.

Inasmuch asThe development is vast, comprising 1,715 residential units (including 12 semi-detached villa type units), and is one of the tallest buildings in the area, providing residents of Leedon with spectacular views of the nearby Botanical Gardens and the famous Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

The Event Company, SingaporeInasmuch as

The event company was a leading event management company at the heart of successful corporate, government and special event projects executed in the Asia-Pacific region, for over 25 years.

“We pride ourselves on creating and executing truly exceptional event experiences for our clients – leading names in a wide range of industries. Our meticulous attention to detail and our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations have ensured our continued success in the industry.We have guaranteed to guide our successful clients every time in hosting events and take all the stress out of running live events.

“In October 2015,
The event company was acquired by
Freeman XPthe agency branch of Freeman, the
the world’s most successful brand experience company. In November 2016, The Event Company was fully integrated into FreemanXP and rebranded as FreemanXP.”

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia.

The country’s territory is made up of a main island, 63 satellite islands and islets, and a peripheral islet, the combined area of ​​which has increased by 25% since the country’s independence following extensive land reclamation projects. It has the second highest population density in the world.

Singapore has a highly developed market economy, historically based on extensive warehouse trade. Along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tigers and has surpassed its peers in gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

In recent years, the country has been identified as an increasingly popular tax haven for the wealthy due to the low personal income tax rate and tax exemptions on foreign income and capital gains. Aussie millionaire retailer
Brett Blundy and multi-billionaire co-founder of Facebook
Edouardo Saverin are two examples of wealthy people living in Singapore (Blundy in 2013 and Saverin in 2012).

Singapore has the
the highest percentage of millionaires in the world, with one in six households having at least $1 million in disposable wealth. This excludes real estate, corporates and luxury goods, which if included would increase the number of millionaires, especially since
real estate in Singapore is among the most expensive in the world.

Tourism is a major industry and contributor to Singapore’s economy, attracting 18.5 million international tourists in 2018, more than three times the total population of Singapore. Singapore is the
5th most visited city in the worldand 2nd in Asia-Pacific

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